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Deltek ERP Software is built for the Architecture, Engineering and Professional Services Industries.

Deltek delivers software and information solutions that enable superior levels of project intelligence, management and collaboration for project-based businesses. As the largest Deltek solutions provider in the US, and the largest AEC VAR in North America, Aktion has the geographic footprint and in-house expertise to support Deltek software users, as well as provide complete IT infrastructure support, cloud hosting, and managed services.

Deltek ERP software customers have access to a full-service IT consulting team and a robust portfolio of services, including network engineering, software engineering, and application and industry consulting. Visit the Architectural, Engineering and Professional Services division page to read more about our expertise, focus, and deliverables to these industries.

Introducing Aktion VantagePro Suite.  Developed by Aktion, these tools are designed to boost efficiency and productivity for Deltek Vantagepoint users, allowing you to save time and make informed decisions. Featuring personalized data hubs, smooth synchronizations for easy connections, and user-friendly interfaces, the management and accessibility of data in Vantagepoint has become simpler and more efficient than ever.  Learn more.


Deltek ERP Software for A&E

Read why A&E firms are choosing Deltek to manage their businesses and improve project management.

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Software Solutions

Deltek Vantagepoint for Architecture & Engineering Firms
Deltek Vantagepoint is a leader in project and financial management solutions for A&E firms around the world. Because it’s built for the way A&E firms work, Deltek Vantagepoint provides 360-degree visibility into projects, helping maximize productivity, boost collaboration, improve efficiency, increase profitability, and drive business success. Learn More
Deltek Vantagepoint for Professional Services Firms
Deltek ERP Software brings technology together in Vantagepoint’s command center, giving 360-degree visibility into engagements. Vantagepoint delivers a complete engagement-centric solution. Monitor performance, improve collaboration, identify risks, make adjustments to meet changing client demands, and expedite invoices—all leading to successful engagements. Learn More
Deltek Ajera
Deltek Ajera provides the visibility to deliver successful projects by putting projects and people at the center of your business. It’s time to start optimizing resources, improve cash flow and increase profitability. With Deltek Ajera, get the actionable insight you need to proactively manage your projects and improve client satisfaction with a project-based ERP solution designed for your firm. Learn More
Deltek Project Information Management (PIM)
Deltek Project Information Management (PIM) is the one source of truth for corporate and project information, providing easy access to the latest versions of emails, documents and drawings. Additionally, its cloud delivery option provides increased security, privacy and flexibility required in today’s business environment. Learn More
Deltek Talent Management
Deltek Talent Management helps improve the quality of new hires, increase employee engagement, and maintain compliance, all while providing complete visibility into the state of your workforce. Its cloud delivery gives you the increased security, privacy and flexibility required in today’s business environment. Learn More
Deltek Legacy Software
For legacy Deltek ERP software users, including Vision, Sema4, Advantage and FMS, Aktion supports these customers and the solution for as long as they choose to use the software. When they're ready to migrate, we can help with developing the strategy and migration execution. Learn More

Solution Services

Aktion VantagePro Suite
If you are looking to enhance efficiency and productivity inside Deltek Vantagepoint, these tools enable you to save time and make well-informed decisions. With personalized data hubs, seamless synchronizations for effortless connections, and user-friendly interfaces, managing and accessing data in Vantagepoint has become more streamlined and efficient than ever before. Learn More
Vantagepoint Upgrade
Prepare for a seamless transition from Deltek Vision to Vantagepoint with our proven 5-step process. We'll develop a detailed plan with key milestones specific to your company. Learn More
Cloud Migration
By combining our deep knowledge of Deltek Vision/Vantagepoint with our extensive technical expertise, we’ve become the industry’s go-to consultant for Vision/Vantagepoint data migration. Learn More
Out-of-the-box systems may be fine for some firms. But not yours. That means you need your systems to match your internal processes. How can we make your systems work your way? Learn More
We can seamlessly integrate your important data into Deltek Vision, now Deltek Vantagepoint to save manual entry time and to make you more productive. Learn More
Effectiveness Review
In today’s competitive marketplace, you need to focus just as much on your bottom line.  We can help you with a comprehensive Aktion Effectiveness Review. Learn More
Optimization Workshops
If you feel you’re not fully leveraging your investment in Deltek Vision, now Deltek Vantagepoint, then it may be time for an Optimization Workshop. Learn More
M&A Analysis & Data Integration
If you made a recent acquisition or merger to stay competitive, you need to ensure the data can be consolidated with your existing data to fully leverage the investment. Learn More
Success of a software implementation depends heavily on training. We can make sure your users are equipped to fully leverage the ERP system, with on-site or online training. Learn More