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Infor ERP – software created specifically for the distribution industry




Improve your technology solutions with Infor, streamlining processes and improving efficiency, performance, and profitability.

As the largest Infor Distribution partner in the U.S., Aktion Associates has the industry experience and technology expertise to help your company get to the next level, making better business decisions and improving your competitive advantage every day.

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Get Your Business Moving with Infor Distribution ERP

Watch the 30-minute webinar, presented by Aktion and Infor and learn about Infor Distribution ERP. The webinar will include an interactive portion with Infor experts on Infor Distribution SX.e and CloudSuite Distribution.

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Software Solutions

Infor CloudSuite Distribution
Infor CloudSuite Distribution provides a complete ERP software solution to optimize processes throughout your organization, streamlining and improving efficiency and cost control. As the fastest-growing cloud ERP for companies in distribution, Infor CloudSuite is the premier choice for distributors interested in applying state-of-the-art technology to making better business decisions. Learn More