Aktion VantagePro Suite

Elevate Your Business with Precision

Discover powerful suite of tools developed by Aktion Associates designed to extend the value of Vantagepoint and elevate your business.

Developed by Aktion, these utilities are designed to boost efficiency and productivity for Vantagepoint users, preserving valuable time and enabling informed decision-making. Featuring tailored data hubs, smooth synchronizations for seamless connections, and user-friendly interfaces, the task of managing and accessing data in Vantagepoint has become more straightforward and efficient than ever.


Aktion VantagePro Suite

Ready-Built Tools to Extend the Value of Vantagepoint

Optimize operations, save time, and make informed decisions with these one-of-a-kind tools, all built specifically for Deltek Vantagepoint users. Download this informative brochure to learn more.

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The Aktion VantagePro Suite

Billing Terms Automation
This tool provides a convenient way to make sure all your billing terms are secure and accurate. Create billing terms when you set up projects and update those terms when contract amounts are changed. Fully customizable to meet any special requirements you may have for different clients, projects and fees. Watch Now
Dashboard Package featuring Phocas
Quickly gain accurate, actionable insights to data. Identify trends that may not otherwise be visible in raw data. The Performance Monitoring and Optimization capabilities enable firms to monitor key performance indicators in real-time and track progress toward goals. Watch Now
Fleet Maintenance Hub
This powerful solution provides users with one-stop access to all vehicle information, including make, model, VIN, starting and ending mileage, and more. The hub includes automated features to easily track starting and ending mileage, as well as lookups for project and phase tasks. Watch Now
Master Service Agreement Hub
This custom-built hub offers you the most complete way to manage, review, and analyze your master service agreements. With the initial agreement details and associated projects viewable in one spot, you'll have one comprehensive view of the full agreement. The Hub also provides real-time visibility into the overall contract amount with the ability to compare the used and contracted project amounts. Watch Now
Professional License Management Hub
For organizations looking to streamline the legal requirements of their employees, this hub is custom-designed to ensure your employees have the right license for any state. Review state-specific criteria, all employees licensed in the specific state, and any additional licensing requirements with links to related projects. Watch Now
Revenue Forecast Planning Sync
The perfect solution for companies looking to streamline the process of managing their revenue forecast. Easily turn on Revenue Forecast to populate the current backlog and sync Revenue Forecast dates with Plan Dates to avoid duplication and automatically update revenue forecast each month to ensure information is always up-to-date with the latest changes in your backlog. Watch Now
Three-Year Revenue History Sync
The Revenue History Sync accesses and tracks revenue history easily and accurately. This sync not only provides a three-year revenue history at a glance but also updates client statuses based on previous revenue, allowing you to better forecast possible revenue. Customizable to meet any specific needs. Watch Now
User Maintenance Hub
The perfect tool for managing your company’s user accounts, this customizable solution is designed to help streamline many of the tedious tasks associated with user maintenance. Easily remove users from the system, assign personal items to different users, and review and reassign recurring submissions. You can also use the copy grid settings to maintain a standard grid column layout across the entire organization. Watch Now
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