Deltek Legacy Software Conversion

Convert Your Legacy Software to The Cloud with Deltek

Extend the Value of Your Deltek Investment with Simplified Cloud Migration

For companies still using Sema4®, Deltek Advantage®, Deltek FMS, QuickBooks® or other Deltek Legacy software, we will work with you to develop a strategy to move to the new Deltek Vision System/Vantagepoint System.

Leverage Vantagepoint to manage your data to its full potential.

Aktion is the resource the Deltek community counts on for data migration services.

  • Project oversight and coordination
  • Detailed upgrade project plan
  • Cloud and Managed Service readiness assessment
  • Functional review
  • Functional test plan
  • Upgrade assistance
  • New features training


Deltek Vantagepoint for A&E

For clients with Deltek Legacy software, Deltek Vantagepoint can help you pursue the right projects, qualify them and nurture client relationships.

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Improve Older Vision Databases

Take advantage of the more recent improvements of Deltek Vision.
Aktion can evaluate your Deltek Legacy software and supporting internal processes to help streamline your daily operations.
We will work with you to understand and document your current data structure, evaluate the current configuration of all modules and processes, and provide insight to plan for future growth.

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Migrate to the Deltek Cloud

Aktion can help when you are ready to migrate to Deltek’s cloud-based platform, Deltek Vantagepoint, from Deltek legacy software. We have a streamlined process to ensure the optimal migration path of businesses based on your database structure, hardware, and workflows.

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