Network Operations Center (NOC)


Aktion’s NOC team manages two, company-owned data centers. These secure, scalable data centers are built to ensure uptime, performance, security, and reliability of your company’s data. The skilled NOC team is built to support your company and your employees.

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NOC Services

  • Network design and optimization
  • Server hardware / firmware management
  • Managed backup
  • Network / security audits
  • Hosted workloads
  • Software management

Benefits of Aktion’s NOC

  • Convert OpEx to CapEx
  • Economies of scale
  • Improved flexibility
  • PCI compliant

Aktion Cloud Sharing and Backup Features

  • File backup with unlimited version retention
  • Shared server folders for remote access
  • Project folder sharing and collaboration
  • Outlook client for sending large file attachments
  • Mobile apps for file sharing with field personnel
  • Customer site to data center VPN
  • Spam filtering, email continuity and archiving
  • Proactive or Ultimate IT
  • Aktion Mobile 360 security
  • Additional project work as needed