Deltek M&A Analysis and Data Integration

Optimize Your Business Investment with Seamless Merger & Acquisition Integration

When you’re acquiring or merging with another company, you know you have to merge your ERP systems to fully leverage your investment. The challenge can seem daunting as data migrations don’t happen every day. You need to ensure the data can be consolidated removing existing errors and duplications. In addition, you want to pay attention to core business rules and process that have been adopted by both companies to confirm alignment.

We can seamlessly integrate the data into Deltek Vision® or Deltek Vantagepoint to make you more productive and insightful. We’ve developed best-of breed business processes that provide you with options and recommendations that work for your company processes. We’ve done so many data mergers that Deltek often calls on us when they need additional resources to handle a Vision ERP migration.

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Mergers & Acquisitions Data Conversion Overview

Best-of-breed steps to ensure smooth ERP data migration following mergers and acquisitions.

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