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Why Distributors Turn to CRM Solutions for Success

What’s standing in the way of your success? Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can give you a clear picture of […]

The Potential of Distribution KPIs

Distribution Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Can Do More Than Just Provide a Financial Snapshot When someone references the term KPI, […]

Why Data-driven Decision-making Matters Now More Than Ever

We use data every day to make decisions in our personal lives. Aggregated restaurant stars, movie reviews and Google ratings […]

Is It Time to Improve Your Company’s Construction Workflows?

As I have mentioned in previous installments of this blog, the last 18 months have shined a bright light on […]

Three Qualities to Look for in a Managed Services Provider

Businesses of all types and sizes find themselves relying more and more on technology.  To stay functional, every modern company […]

The Flawed Concept of ROI in Technology Purchasing

The High Cost of Doing Nothing in the Modern World We’ve all heard about, seen or even used the concept […]

5 Ways Business Intelligence Can Help Project Managers

Business Intelligence (BI) software provides a fact-based, real-time, singular version of the truth, empowering construction companies to build and maintain […]

Is It Time to Migrate to Sage Intacct for Construction?

As a Sage reseller, I converse with CFO’s and other C-Level executives at construction companies on a pretty regular basis. […]

Three Ways Manufacturers Use Technology for Growth

Manufacturing companies are often plagued with inefficiencies. These issues tend to cause a domino effect that results in customer turnover […]

Right Data, Right Time, Right Way: Improving Construction Project Outcomes

Having access to key data analytics can help keep construction projects on course, on time and on budget. Construction projects […]

Three Tips to Selecting Construction Technology That Fits Your Needs

More and more, construction companies are turning towards technology to streamline their operations instead of away from it. But being […]

Next-Level Cloud Mobility with Sage Intacct Construction

The Importance of Mobility As we’ve seen increasingly lately, being able to work efficiently while also being mobile is critically […]

Keeping Tax Exempt Customers Happy

The construction industry has a well-deserved reputation for being tough, and that’s as true for construction-related sales and use tax […]

Improving Sales Tax Compliance in the Manufacturing Industry

When it comes to sales and use tax, the manufacturing industry is riddled with potential land mines. Challenges arise at […]

Economic Nexus Isn’t Just for Retailers

Distributors, manufacturers, and wholesalers may not have to collect and remit sales tax, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re free […]

Running Your Business When It’s Not Business As Usual

What we learned from the new normal Aktion has always had a good balance of employees who have worked in […]

Disaster Recovery and High Availability

In these uncertain times, you can be certain that everyone is relying on technology more than ever before. Technology is […]

Windows Start Menu Search does not return any results?

What is Start Menu Search? In all versions of Windows since the release of Windows Vista, one of the key […]

Copier stops scanning to Windows Server/Workstations Upgrade

Why will my existing multi-function copier not send files to my new Windows OS? As we have been upgrading workstations […]

BE SUSPICIOUS! Phishing in the time of COVID-19   

As the COVID-19 crisis wears on, the number of folks looking to cash in by stealing data from unsuspecting internet […]

Solutions for Multi-Industry Hybrid Companies

Over time businesses makes decisions to grow in new directions which can lead to challenges in the future. We’re seeing […]

Coronavirus: How will your business be impacted?

Most of us are by now aware that the coronavirus (and the associated disease which frequently results from infection, COVID-19) […]

Is the Coronavirus Affecting Lenovo Hardware Availability?

I attended the Ingram Micro’s Trust X Alliance meeting for partners in Dallas, March 2 – March 4. Trust X […]

What Are the 12 Pillars of Cybersecurity?

Cyber-crime is Big Business Forbes magazine projects that cyber-crime costs will reach $2 Trillion by 2019.  That is up from […]

Office 365 vs. Microsoft 365

Office 365 vs Microsoft 365. How do you know which is the right choice? As a Qualified Multi-Tenant Hoster (QMTH) […]

Why am I getting Ads in Windows 10 via Notifications?

Windows 10 Notifications and Notification Center Why am I getting Ads in Windows 10 via Notifications? The Windows 10 Notification […]

Why am I no longer getting notification emails from Sage?

Why did the alert emails stop? In early 2019, Sage announced they would no longer send notifications to customers regarding […]

Sage 300 CRE Client on dedicated Remote Desktop Server

Introduction To configure your Sage 300 CRE Client on a dedicated Remote Desktop Server, there are a couple of things […]

Windows 10 on ARM: Features and Limitations

With the entry of Windows 10 ARM-based Windows Tablet PC’s that have come onto the market, these systems will catch […]