Cybersecurity Risk Management


Ensuring the protection of your company’s data, as well as that of your employees and customers, is quickly becoming a primary concern for the modern business owner. At Aktion, we recognize this imperative and offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to safeguarding your digital assets. Our approach encompasses thorough security assessments, accurate recommendations, and the use of best practices and products.

We go beyond merely selling hardware and setting up security products to providing ongoing threat monitoring services. Our proactive approach ensures that your environment remains secure against evolving threats. Our commitment to affordability ensures that even small and medium-sized businesses can access top-tier security measures without compromising their budgets. With Aktion, rest assured that your data is in capable hands, fortified against the ever-present dangers of the digital landscape.

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Cybersecurity Incident Response Guidance

Essential Actions and Precautions for the Initial 48 Hours

A comprehensive resource designed to assist organizations in effectively managing cybersecurity incidents during the critical first 48 hours after detection. This guide outlines essential steps and precautions businesses should take to mitigate the impact of an incident and swiftly respond to emerging threats.

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Cybersecurity: Basics, Methodology, and Best Practices

True security requires more than just investing in firewalls and endpoint protection software. It involves regular testing of technical controls, updating policies, and educating users on safe data practices. Aktion provides a range of security and compliance services to empower users against cyber threats and regulatory requirements. With over 30 years of experience, Aktion tailors solutions to address each company’s unique cybersecurity needs, offering technology choices and strategic IT management to ensure resilience against evolving threats.

Discover potential weaknesses in your IT environment and fortify your defenses with our assistance.  Download our whitepaper to learn more about Cybersecurity Best Practices.

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Cyber Liability Insurance

If you started the process of acquiring Cyber Liability Insurance, you have started at the right place.

Our skilled team of engineers can assist you in assessing vulnerabilities within your existing IT infrastructure that may expose you to cyber threats. Understanding your position will enable you to engage more effectively with your Cybersecurity Insurance provider. Additionally, Aktion can support you in establishing the proactive measures typically mandated in insurance policies. Cyber Liability Insurance represents a crucial initial step towards enhancing your security posture.

Discover how Aktion can further aid you once you’ve made the decision to obtain Cyber Liability Insurance.

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