A Savvy CFO’s Guide to Cash Flow

Finding ways to save money and increase profitability is essential for your business. This guide will advise you on how you can improve your company’s cash flow.

On-Demand Webinar Recording/Video
UnForm Business Process Automation Tools for Infor Distribution ERP

Paul Boushell from Unilog covers the partnership with Infor and Aktion, and delivers a demo of UnForm Document management.

Distribution AI: A Playbook to Accelerate Success

Modern Distribution Management initiated this research project in early 2023 to give leaders of wholesale distribution companies a better understanding […]

What Distributors Are Doing to Improve the Customer Experience

With a hyperfixation on meeting customers where they want to buy, this report  presents new data and commentary to show […]

How and Where Distributors Can Leverage Automation in 2023

In this MDM report commissioned by Infor, the report examines ways in which distributors are navigating this journey, expanding the […]

Acumatica vs. Microsoft Dynamics GP

Download the brochure and take a closer look to find which is the best ERP solution for your business by comparing the features, benefits, and factors to consider when choosing between Acumatica and Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Why Are Roofing Companies Choosing Acumatica?

Roofing companies face unique challenges in their operations, and Acumatica understands these hurdles. With its comprehensive suite of tools and […]

Winning Strategies for Customer Experience: Benchmarks & Best Practices

The definition of customer experience is changing rapidly across distribution channels. B2B customers are in a multi-year state of migration, […]

Infor CLoudSuite Distribution

A cloud service designed to empower wholesale distributors to drive innovation and productivity. Download this informative brochure to learn more […]