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Cloud with control — find out why companies choose Acumatica ERP to future proof their business.

The Multi-Industry (MI) division delivers Acumatica ERP software and service solutions for companies in the Construction, Distribution and Manufacturing industries. And, for companies that don’t fit the single-industry profile but do need a single, cloud-based ERP solution to manage everything, Acumatica is the right choice as well.

Many companies have multiple growth paths. We call these hybrid companies. Hybrid companies have a combination of business deliverables and may include inventory management, a service operation, construction projects or the manufacturing of a product. These companies don’t fit the typical single industry profile and need an ERP solution that integrates everything across the entire business.

The cornerstone solution of the MI Division is Acumatica Cloud ERP.  Acumatica is a modern, cloud-based, integrated ERP solution that delivers everything a hybrid company needs to manage operations. Acumatica developed its own XRP platform which gives each customer control over integrations and upgrades, even in a SaaS environment.

Acumatica offers Construction, Distribution, Manufacturing, Field Service and Commerce editions. Each of these editions may be combined to include cross-over functionality needed for hybrid company requirements making it an ideal platform for Multi-Industry division customers.

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Acumatica ERP for Distributors

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Software Solutions

Acumatica Construction Edition
Acumatica Construction is an innovative, cloud-based ERP system to provide real-time accounting and project management for general contractors, subcontractors, specialty contractors and land developers; improving margins and tightening controls throughout the project lifecycle. Learn More
Acumatica Distribution Edition
Real-time, accurate information and streamlined workflows help your distribution company to improve ordering, invoicing, inventory management and customer service. Learn More
Acumatica Manufacturing Edition
Acumatica offers a multi-site control and planning system that integrates back office functions with the shop floor, with complete oversight and functionality for all types of manufacturing companies. Learn More
Independent Software Vendors (ISV) for Multi-Industry
Maximize the value of your Acumatica ERP with an Aktion-certified ISV application. Learn More

Cloud Services/Hosting

For customers running Acumatica ERP and need IT support, Aktion already has an IT environment designed, maintained and staffed to help. The deep level of product-specific support the Aktion team offers is unique – generic hosting providers simply cannot provide.

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Managed Services

It’s time for Aktion’s Managed Services when:

  • You don’t have the internal resources to support your Acumatica ERP software or infrastructure
  • Your IT budget is hard to predict and growing
  • You can’t risk downtime on any scale

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IT Infrastructure & IT Services

Flexible, secure infrastructure solutions built to support firms in the Construction, Distribution and Manufacturing industries,as well as hybrid companies. For most companies, on-premise hardware is still a critical component of the business strategy. Assessing computing workloads and determining which workloads to move to the cloud and which stay on premise is key. Aktion has developed a proven process for simplifying and balancing workloads.

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