Which Kind of Distributor Are You?

December 12, 2023
Rob Dallas

According to Indian River Consulting Group’s Mike Marks and MDM CEO Tom Gale, “the traditional Distributors are Gen-1 and the distributors who have embraced new technologies can be described as Gen-2 or Next Gen.  Most Gen-1 or traditional distributors only make changes when they absolutely need to, while those Next-Gen distributors make that decision because they see an opportunity to reach a better position in their industry.” 


If you identify as a Next Gen Distributor you are likely evaluating the systems and processes that are limiting your growth.  If replacing your ERP is part of the transformation, then the next step is to review the functionality and platform that will be most important to your future. 


Top 5 benefits of industry cloud 

  • Improved security features that are more relevant to my operations 
  • Improvements in data access, quality and insights to support decision-making 
  • Process and workflow efficiencies 
  • Tools and tech to integrate industry-specific data models, connectors, APIs 
  • Cost reductions and better time to value via streamlined development 


Deciding and investing in a new ERP, if done right, can provide rewards for years to come. This journey provides a way to step forward and compete with other Next Gen distributors in their industry.  Is the time right for your organization? 


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