Rob Dallas

For more than 25 years Rob has helped Distributors improve profits by helping them architect a scalable, modern operation with leading  ERP software solutions.

The janitorial supply distribution industry is rapidly changing, with increased customer expectations and an ever-shifting marketplace. As a result, there […]

Wholesale distribution has always been considered the backbone of the supply chain. The transition from brick-and-mortar to eCommerce in the […]

In today’s digital age, the way we work has changed significantly. The new generation of digital natives, who have grown […]

aktion associates b2b

B2B distribution is the backbone of global trade, responsible for connecting manufacturers with retailers, businesses with suppliers, and products with […]


The world of wholesale distribution has undergone major changes in recent years. Thanks to the advent of game-changing technologies, the […]


According to Indian River Consulting Group’s Mike Marks and MDM CEO Tom Gale, “the traditional Distributors are Gen-1 and the […]

As we move into an ever-increasingly digital world, it’s become crucial for distributors to take advantage of new technologies to […]