Three Ways Manufacturers Use Technology for Growth

March 24, 2021
Bob Black

Manufacturing companies are often plagued with inefficiencies. These issues tend to cause a domino effect that results in customer turnover and missed sales opportunities. If you experience any of the following problems, it might be time to think about a technology upgrade.

Common Manufacturing Complaints:
  • Unhappy customers
  • Late shipments
  • Production slowdowns
Customer Loyalty and Retention

A manufacturer faces high expectations from customers. When you struggle with taking and delivering correct orders on time, it really impacts your customer retention. We have found that one central application helps our manufacturing customers to provide a polished and streamlined customer experience. Whether through a secure customer portal or a connected online storefront, you and your customers need real-time automated communication. An ERP like Acumatica can deliver an exceptional customer experience, so customers are able to buy more with less effort.

Streamlined Automations for Self-Service

Automations aren’t just for making your life easier, although they can certainly save a lot of time. But having automated notifications for your customers empowers them with self-service. What if you could let your customers know through automation when their products have shipped or when returns are received? Acumatica also lets you set up automations for sending customer invoices and their statements can be easily downloaded. It’s a significant time-savings on your end and provides much needed customer empowerment.

Raise the Bar on Profits

Empowering your customers with information is also a great way to grow sales. The simpler the customer experience is, the more likely they are to keep coming back and order more of your product. But this increase in demand is a juggling act between production and inventory. Many of our current Acumatica customers say they’ve been able to quickly respond to the increase in sales yet reduce inventory. This saves you money while giving your customer the best experience possible.

If you’re feeling limited by your current disconnected group of manufacturing solutions, consider migration to Acumatica. With every aspect on one single platform, you’re able to empower your employees and customers with real-time information from anywhere.

Scale as your manufacturing business grows and adapt to changing customer demand. With Acumatica, not only are you creating loyal customers, you’re also able to add users at no extra cost. This is a big savings for a growing manufacturer.

Learn more about Acumatica Manufacturing Edition here or reach out to me directly. We would be honored to add your business to our growing group of happy Acumatica customers.