Automate and streamline your HR processes for maximum efficiency

How an organization Hires, Manages and Grows their workforce requires a polished image, brand and a great employee experience, to compete with other industries and retain top talent. Our partner Arcoro offers a suite of modular HR software that can help.

Join our webinar to learn how you can keep your systems in sync, reduce data entry mistakes and streamline your operations in the field and the office with Arcoro’s Core HR and Benefits module and Sage.

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Welcome to Aktion! With the acquisition of United Solutions by Aktion Associates, we all want to assure you as previous USI customers that all of your Sage software sales and support needs will continue to be met. Aktion has been a Sage partner for over 30 years and has over 45 application consultants and engineers.

Please join us for a live webinar to introduce Aktion as your Sage partner and to discuss the additional resources and opportunities available to you with this acquisition. We also look forward to introducing some of the current Aktion leadership team to you.

More about us: Aktion Associates is a national ERP software reseller and IT infrastructure provider focused on the Architectural Engineering & Construction, Distribution and Manufacturing industries. Since 1979, more than 6,500 customers have chosen Aktion as their technology advisor. With a workforce of more than 200 professionals in application consulting, network and software engineering, these teams utilize proprietary lean implementation processes to help customers realize the value of their IT investment.

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Sage Field Operations (SFO) integrates with Sage job cost accounting and project management solutions. Learn how SFO helps you streamline field reporting, more tightly control labor costs, and more efficiently schedule and monitor resources. Instant data synchronization keeps field and office personnel on the same page regarding project status and direction. Click here for a brochure: SFO for Sage 100 Contractor.

Sage Field Operations can help you:

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A business intelligence (BI) tool to organize your data more effectively.

Aktion Analytics for Sage 100 Contractor offers best-in-class data analytics to Sage users. Improve your margins, streamline your processes with a BI tool to organize your data more effectively. Learn how to boost margins and increase profits with this handy Aktion Analytics for Construction product sheet.

Join us for a free webinar to see Aktion Analytics for Construction. Discover how Sage users like you can quickly access key data, empowering them to make better decisions for their construction business.

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More and more, construction companies are turning towards technology to streamline their operations instead of away from it. But being able to find the right fit for your needs requires a strategic approach to effectively implement and use that technology.

Here are three key tips for evaluating and selecting the kind of solutions that will meet and even exceed your construction company’s needs.


Designate a team

Identifying needs and wants takes a broad amount of participation across different departments and different levels. But you’ll also want to select a designated team that can systematically evaluate your options. These people will be charged with ensuring your technology investment is a good fit and will be embraced by the entire company as an effective and useful tool.


Make a “needs” list

The pain points are often well known amongst your team members but making a clear list of what you need is very important. Company leadership may want to get employee feedback to help develop this list, allowing them to feel a part of the process. It might sound simple, but clear goals make a significant difference in identifying what kind of technology you need. Instead of broad complaints, turn the pain points into specific objectives that can be achieved. Below you’ll find a few examples of ways to hone your pain points into needs for a legitimate solution.

Pain Point: Sharing reports with different people in my construction company is difficult to do.

Need: We need a way to quickly and easily share reports with multiple people in the company so that people have information needed to do their jobs.

Pain Point: The data I need is not available to people in the field.

Need: A mobile solution that can be used from anywhere would allow better collaboration among different departments.


Participate actively in the implementation

After your designated team makes recommendations and a decision is made, you still need to remain involved. Getting a solution implemented requires active participation. You will want to stay in close contact with the people at the solution provider you selected. There will be timelines, training and possibly occasions to adjust as needed when any roadblocks come up.

Strong planning leads to success, so approach this strategically. Once you’ve selected the solution or solutions needed, gone through training and implementation, your patience and hard will be apparent. Aktion supports a wide variety of technology options for the construction industry. When you’re ready to look at those choices, please reach out to us.

The only time entry solution you will ever need!

hh2 Remote Payroll is a cloud-based time entry solution for construction. It integrates with Sage 300 CRE and Sage 100 Contractor software and eliminates the need for double entry. hh2 also has many configuration options, time entry methods, configurable approval paths, custom permissions and reporting options.

Join us for a software demo webinar and learn more about the benefits of hh2 Remote Payroll.

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See how Liberty Reports transforms Excel.

During this online presentation of Liberty Reports, learn how Excel can be transformed into an intuitive and powerful report designer for Sage 100 Contractor. Learn how to produce reports such as Job Cost Cash Flow with 12 Month Trend, Job Summary Report by Phase, Cost Code, and Type, Project Manager Weekly Job Summary, Work in Progress, Job Cost Forecast by Cost Code, Financials And More!

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Why did the alert emails stop?

In early 2019, Sage announced they would no longer send notifications to customers regarding new product releases and alerts via email as they have done in the past.  Sage sent out alerts that all customers who wished to continue to receive these notifications must go to Sage City to sign up for the product(s) they wish to be notified on.  Sage City is the official community of Sage for customers to learn about their products and to interact with others in the Sage community.

How to subscribe

  1. Go to Sage City at
  2. Click the user icon in the upper right-hand corner. If you are already signed in, your profile picture displays instead of the icon. Skip to step 4. If you are not signed in and you already have a portal account or Sage City account, enter your user name and password, then click Sign in. Skip to step 4.
  3. If you do not have an existing portal account or Sage City account, select Join here, then fill out the requested information, and click Join now.
  4. Hover over Support Groups and select your country.
  5. Select the Sage Construction & Real Estate product.
  6. Select Forums then any of the forums that you’re interested in receiving updates about:
    a. Sage 300 CRE Announcements, News, and Alerts.
    b. Sage 100 Contractor Announcements, News, and Alerts.
    c. Sage Estimating Announcements, News, and Alerts.
  7. Click More on the right-hand side, then select Turn Forum notifications on.

Still have questions about “Why am I no longer getting notification emails from Sage?” Aktion can help. Contact your Aktion Support Specialist or email me at


AvidSuite for Construction’s TimberScan Titanium is a cloud-based complete Purchase-to-Pay AP workflow automation solution. Fully integrated with Sage 100 Contractor, TimberScan Titanium streamlines the accounts payable process and provides exceptional reporting capabilities – helping you make well-informed, timely decisions.

Are you ready to free yourself from paper invoice processing? Join us to learn how.

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