Vendor Partnership | hh2 Cloud Services

With hh2 Cloud Services, construction companies are able to quickly and efficiently perform core functions such as payroll, job costing, field reporting and human resources. Find out more about products from hh2 Cloud Services. Take a look at the videos and information below.
Add hh2 products to your existing Sage accounting solution for a cloud-based solution that gives access to everyone from anywhere. Enhance and extend the life of your software. Watch a recent demo of Remote Payroll to learn more about its time entry features that include both employee labor and equipment time. Click on the thumbnail image to watch the video.
hh2 Document Flow is a cloud-based invoice routing and approval system. Capture, route, code and approve invoices from anywhere. Watch this hh2 Document Flow webinar recording to see this complete AP routing and approval solution. Click on the thumbnail image to watch the video.

hh2 Remote Payroll

hh2 Remote Payroll is a cloud-based time entry solution built for the construction industry. It eliminates the need to transcribe paper timesheets or perform double entry. It allows a high degree of customization with many configuration options, time entry methods, configurable approval paths, custom permissions and reporting options. Read more in this hh2 Remote Payroll brochure.

hh2 Document Flow

hh2 Document Flow allows you to distribute invoices where they need to go and easily route them for approval. Remotely capture, route, code and approve invoices, credit card transactions and reimbursements. The apps are available for any device you want to use and it’s easy to add customization. Read the hh2 Document Flow brochure here.