Sage 300 CRE Client on dedicated Remote Desktop Server

February 1, 2020
Rod Hatley


To configure your Sage 300 CRE Client on a dedicated Remote Desktop Server, there are a couple of things to know. The default workstation (or client) installation performed on a Remote Desktop (RD) Server will configure the system with a less than optimal configuration to support this environment.  The default client installation is fine for a typical Windows 10 workstations and notebooks.  On an RD Server, it will initially run and work, but commonly two issues come to light over time:

  1. PSQL Client on RD Server will become unstable and will require reboot of RD Server to allow users to work again in Sage 300 CRE.  Restarting the PSQL Client typically does not fix the issue where a system reboot will.
  2. PSQL Cache will lock files on the Application Server even when users logout of Sage 300 CRE.  This typically comes to light when trying to close the month in the individual modules like JC.

When you install Sage 300 CRE Client, the installer will install the Pervasive / Actian PSQL 32 bit Client.  Typically, the client installation is run from the path:

 \\Server\Timberline Office\9.5\Accounting\Wininst\Install.exe

In these cases with a dedicated RD Server, it is recommended remove the 32 bit PSQL Client and install the 64 bit PSQL Server Edition.

Change PSQL Client to PSQL Server Edition

Update the RD Server to use PSQL x64 Server Edition

  1. Uninstall PSQL Client from the RD Server
  2. Reboot the RD Server
  3. Install PSQL x64 Server Edition.  Installation files can be located at \\Server\Timberline Office\9.5\Accounting\Wininst\Prerequisites\
    1. Pre PSQL Install\PrePSQLInstall.exe (Runs silently, you will not be able to see when it completes but you can monitor in Task Manager)
    2. Pervasive PSQL v12 Server Edition (x64)\SetupServer64_x64.exe
    3. Pervasive PSQL v12 Server Patch (x64)\PSQLv12Patch_Server64_x64.msp
    4. Post PSQL64 Install\PostPSQL64Install.exe (Runs silently, you will not be able to see when it completes but you can monitor in Task Manager

Disable PSQL Cache

Next disable the PSQL Cache on the RD Server.  Use the PSQL Control Center to disable the Cache.

PSQL Cache Settings


  1. Click on START, type pcc.exe, and press ENTER (or find PSQL Control Center & Documentation from the Start Menu)
  2. Click Configure Microkernel  Router

  3. Select the Performance tuning group on the left
  4. Uncheck ‘Use Cache Engine’
  5. Click Apply and then click OK
  6. From the File menu, select Exit PCC





These two changes on an RD Server (or Citrix Sever) have shown to improve the usability and stability of the Sage 300 CRE client.

Sage 300 CRE Client on dedicated Remote Desktop Server

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