Powerful Tools for Vantagepoint

October 27, 2023
Jonathan Monroe

Introducing VantagePro from Aktion Associates

In the world of architecture, engineering, and professional services, time is essential. In a fast-paced industry like these, efficiency and productivity are the keys to success. Aktion Associates has developed a suite of tools to help you unlock the full potential of Deltek Vantagepoint, making your business more efficient, productive, and well-informed than ever before. In this blog post, we’ll explore how the new VantagePro tools from Aktion can elevate your business and take it to new heights.

Introduced this year at the 2023 Deltek Project Con Conference, Aktion now offers over 15 pre-built tools that allow you to customize your Vantagepoint ERP according to your needs, making accessing and managing data incredibly efficient.  Instead of manually importing or copying data across different applications, VantagePro automatically handles it. Cutting down the time you need to spend on manually importing and exporting data can lead to increased productivity and accuracy.

Here are just a few highlights of some of these powerful and innovative tools from Aktion Associates.

Master Services Agreement Hub

This custom-built hub offers you the most complete way to manage, review, and analyze your master service agreements.

User Maintenance Hub

The perfect tool for managing your company’s user accounts, this customizable solution is designed to help streamline many of the tedious tasks associated with user maintenance.

Professional License Management Hub

For organizations looking to streamline the legal requirements of their employees. This hub is custom-designed to ensure your employees have the right license for any state.

Dashboard Package Featuring Phocas

The Dashboard Package enables decision-makers to gain accurate, actionable insights into their data quickly. With the provided visualizations and reports, users can identify trends that may not otherwise be visible in raw data.

If you want to improve your efficiency and productivity and make well-informed decisions, Aktion’s VantagePro tools can take your business to the next level.  Call us to take advantage of the customizable data hubs, effortless connections, and user-friendly interfaces for increased efficiency, and enhanced productivity. Take the first step today to elevate your business.

Learn more about VantagePro in this brochure.