Navigating Year-End Procedures: Your Guide to Deltek’s 2023 Resources

December 28, 2023
Jonathan Monroe

As we approach the end of another year, businesses everywhere are gearing up for the annual year-end close. We know that year-end closing processes occur quickly and can feel overwhelming and there’s so much more to the year-end process than following a checklist of utility processes. Reconciling the sub-ledgers to the general ledger is critical to moving forward into the next fiscal year. Many of our clients ask what the best approach is to reconcile the books and how to interpret the meaning of the software’s terminology, like “What exactly is job cost variance?”

If your firm needs assistance understanding the best practice year-end reconciling process, Aktion’s experienced consultants are well versed in “Deltek Accounting” terminology and have decades of experience decoding and reconciling the general ledger to the sub-ledger.

To ensure a smooth and efficient process for 2023, here’s a glimpse of Deltek’s comprehensive year-end resources:

  1. Year-End Resources Hub: Log into the Deltek support center and find a repository of articles, videos, and documentation tailored to assist a seamless year-end close. Whether you’re a seasoned professional at closing out the year or navigating the procedures for the first time, this hub has everything that you need.
  2. Deltek Community: Join the vibrant Deltek Community to connect with peers, ask questions, share ideas, and expand your knowledge of year-end procedures. The power of community collaboration provides a space to learn, grow, and thrive in your year-end endeavors.
  3. Year-End Training Videos: Also in the support center, you can access complimentary, on-demand year-end training videos (available 24/7 just in case you can’t sleep). These videos will help guide you through the intricacies of year-end closing for general ledger, accounts payable, and payroll. Learn how to troubleshoot potential issues and find answers to frequently asked questions.

Remember, success in the year-end close begins with preparation. Start by exploring these resources designed to make your year-end procedures a breeze. Contact Aktion today and schedule time with one of our year-end experts to help your firm navigate the year-end process.  Cheers to a successful close and a prosperous start to the new year!