Improve Profits and Customer Satisfaction with Acumatica

December 2, 2022
Bob Black

Specialty contractors often provide subcontractor work by using their own equipment. This creates a complex, multiple tiered need for integration between the technician, accounting and the customer. The ability to provide efficient and high-quality service to your customers gives you an advantage over the competition.

But now you can streamline your field operations with a strong software platform, such as Acumatica. By integrating accounting and payroll with the teams in the field, your company delivers proven efficiencies for employees and customers. Here are some key areas where the right tech tool will significantly improve your customer satisfaction levels with regards to field service management. In this article, you will learn how to improve profits and customer satisfaction with Acumatica.

Mobility in the field

Often, companies who provide service work don’t have a mobile solution for their technicians, meaning clipboards and paperwork are the reality. Eliminating paperwork for time sheets and service work really reduces the risk of double entry errors occurring. Mobility also means every piece of documentation presented to your customer digitally shows the customer a commitment to service excellence.

Imagine the time-savings when a technician in the field, working on a piece of equipment can log time and locate tools just from a smartphone or tablet. What a great way to impress customers with prompt and comprehensive service.

Maximizing field technicians’ time

Routine and preventative maintenance can be scheduled in advance to maximize your technicians’ time. But things come up to upset that schedule all the time. Emergencies must take priority over regularly scheduled service work which can make juggling your technician’s time challenging. Vehicles, tools and inventory need to be available when and where they’re needed. What if your dispatch team could see responses to emergencies and route the technicians for any change in priorities? Yet another way you to generate customer loyalty.

Prompt and accurate invoicing

Billing in a timely manner means you get paid in a timely manner. A full integration between field operations and accounting is so important for this reason. That same mobility that we spoke of before comes into play here. With an integrated solution, field service teams can submit completed jobs immediately to accounting from the field. Enabling your office team to have the information in real-time and turn around accurate invoices fast.

The company that embraces field service work will leverage it as a profit center. Acumatica Field Service is a comprehensive system that is highly customizable. Get scheduling, dispatching, inventory management, accounting, and analysis. Make your field service business effective and deliver the highest level of customer service possible. Because Aktion Associates is a Value-Added Reseller of Acumatica, we’d love to show you this powerful real cloud technology so you can get your field service operations harnessed to make money now and into the future.