Data: Key to the Very Best Construction Project Results

July 18, 2022
Greg Kirshe

The use of data can help secure the best construction project results. Construction is a complex process. Managing each project well requires access to large amounts of information. Smart leaders know exactly what kinds of data they need so they can see what is working and what is not. They know how to capture that data and analyze it, in pieces and as an integrated whole. They share that data with the appropriate decision-makers across the business. Armed with that knowledge, those decision-makers can take action to fix problems and get each project back on the path to optimal profitability.

Even as many contractors embrace the power of data, others remain stuck in the past. For example, these firms use manual, paper-based activities to track project governance and risk controls. This approach does not provide analysis and reporting in real-time. Each project may only be reviewed retrospectively, or after the fact.

The three greatest barriers to profitability in construction are financial difficulties, insufficient labor productivity, and improper planning. All three of these issues can be effectively addressed when firms implement and leverage analytics technology. Firms that invest in this technology can stay on top of each project in real-time, enabling leaders to react, course-correct, achieve utmost profitability and produce the best construction project results possible.

Here are a few of the benefits you can reap when you learn to create, store and integrate data:

  • Real-time progress updates from field workers
  • Tracked performance metrics and financial reports
  • Automation of tasks and actions
  • Measurable gains in productivity and cost-savings

Want to learn more about how to gain more insight into your operations and deliver your best financial results? An investment in the right technology is the first step. Sage Intacct Construction software is a flexible financial management solution that adapts to your workflows and reporting requirements. It gives you real-time visibility with built-in and adaptable dashboards, reports, graphs, and charts. Multidimensional reporting and dashboards provide faster and deeper insights into accounts, helping your teams work faster and smarter.

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