Distribution Industry ISV Applications

Improve your business with Aktion-certified ISV applications for Distribution.

Many Distributors are looking to modernize their current ERP while deciding on the best time to look at a next generation ERP.

For those waiting to make a change, their current ERP is still delivering value. However, they would like to modernize and improve business operations. Staying doesn’t mean sacrificing a modern business experience. Forward-thinking Distributors implement Aktion-certified ISV third-party applications such as CRM, business intelligence, shipping, and document and warehouse management to extend the value and functionality of legacy ERP.

When it is time to look at a next generation ERP, ISV applications provide options to address complex business requirements.

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Introducing Unilog B2B eCommerce for Infor Distribution ERPs

Unilog B2B eCommerce was built with an “integration first” approach to connecting your business-critical data from your ERP in a complete. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn why Unilog B2B eCommerce is more than just an online shopping cart for Infor Distribution ERP users.

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Featured Distribution Industry ISV Applications

AvaTax from Avalara
Avalara is designed to save distributors time and money by establishing strategies to help solve your biggest sales tax challenges integrating directly into your Infor Distribution or Acumatica ERP. Learn More
Phocas for Distribution
Help your organization analyze key performance indicators for distribution companies. Turn your data and other business-critical processes into actionable insights. Phocas is a leading business intelligence tool provider helping companies simplify the data in their ERP solution. Learn More
UnForm Document Management
UnForm improves document management to easily create, deliver, store and retrieve documents for end-to-end visibility of business critical information directly linking to your Acumatica or Infor Distribution ERP. Learn More
Unilog B2B eCommerce
Expand your digital reach, increase online revenue, and reduce cost per transaction with Unilog B2B eCommerce to offer B2C like experiences to B2B customers. Learn More
Velixo Reports
Connect Excel to your Acumatica cloud ERP with Velixo Reports. Velixo Reports adds almost 50 additional functions to your Excel toolbar allowing you to start building spreadsheets that include Acumatica data that stays up to date with the latest information inside your ERP. Learn More

Additional Distribution Industry ISV Applications

Infor CRM
Improve customer relationship management across sales, marketing, customer service and support teams with accurate data to improve the impact and result of every customer interaction within your Infor Distribution ERP. Learn More
Infor F9 Financial Reporting
Get up to date financial information with the push of a button, with no exports or manual entries required by integrating Infor F9 Financial Reporting into your Infor Distribution ERP. Learn More
Starship Shipping
Starship is a multi-carrier shipping software solution that links shipping, order entry, A/R and customer service to streamline and optimize the order fulfillment process for Infor Distribution ERP users. Learn More