Infor releases new enhancements monthly for CloudSuite Distribution (SX.e). These frequent updates and enhancements are great for your users. This book is maintained by Aktion Associates for use by our customers to help them understand the functionality you have available that you may not currently utilize.

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Construction project accounting helps you maintain control of your budgets and resources. With a reliable and efficient project accounting system in place, you can generate timely and accurate billing, establishing the profitability of all your projects.

In this eBook, you’ll learn about project accounting best practices and how you can ensure profitability for your construction projects, regardless of size or complexity.

The warehouse is the heart of distribution companies. However, most distributors choose to modernize other facets of their business before investing in warehouse technology.

Find out nine ways you can drive warehouse performance to new levels and fundamentally improve operations while addressing complicated market factors currently impacting wholesale distributors.

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Construction organizations have to navigate a complex business environment. This is why construction industry business leaders turn to Acumatica to improve workflows and propel growth. Discover the benefits of a complete, streamlined solution for your business in this eBook from Acumatica.

Improve operational practices and recapture lost profits in your projects.

Deltek created a guide to help A&E firms prevent project scope creep and improve staff utilization. Download the free guide and discover the top nine areas Architecture and Engineering firms are losing profit, and how you can improve your business management and operational practices.

Eliminate Spreadsheet Headaches with Sage Intacct Planning.

If you’re doing your budgeting & planning in Excel, you’re not alone. Lot’s of smaller construction companies are, but at some point you will start to outgrow Excel and could be missing out on the benefits of a budgeting and planning solution.  You could streamline your planning, increase collaboration, and run a more strategic process with Sage Intacct Planning.

This ebook discusses the signs of when it’s time to move away from budgeting and planning in Excel.


Digital strategies for modern supply chains can help to mitigate disruption. Small businesses are evening the playing field with their larger competitors with modern business automation technology. Future-proof applications like Acumatica provide breadth and depth with a suite of connected applications.

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Are you looking to develop actionable manufacturing and business KPIs for sustainable growth? Manufacturing is all about precision and leading manufacturers know the importance of tracking key performance indicators. This ebook guides you through metrics that will help you achieve continuous improvement and align your goals to drive growth and efficiency.

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QuickBooks is a fine software for smaller businesses – until it isn’t. Even small companies can outgrow QuickBooks and must step up to a modern and connected ERP platform. Acumatica Cloud ERP is designed to be a competitive advantage, not an obstacle, for growing businesses. Its modern technology platform supports today’s digital environment and the modular architecture is easily configurable. Download this QuickBooks to Acumatica Migration Guide today to get started today.

Building information modeling (BIM) eliminates a range of issues that plague contractors and helps to encourage better collaboration. Estimators in today’s fast-paced, slim-margin world have many challenges to overcome every day. It’s no wonder that estimators and builders are adopting model-based cost estimating, also known as 5D BIM. This handy ebook is an estimator’s guide to better understanding building information modeling.