Quickbooks is a fine software for smaller businesses – until it isn’t. Even small companies can outgrow Quickbooks and must step up to a modern and connected ERP platform. Acumatica Cloud ERP is designed to be a competitive advantage, not an obstacle, for growing businesses. Its modern technology platform supports today’s digital environment and the modular architecture is easily configurable. Download this Quickbooks to Acumatica Migration Guide today to get started today.

Building information modeling (BIM) eliminates a range of issues that plague contractors and helps to encourage better collaboration. Estimators in today’s fast-paced, slim-margin world have many challenges to overcome every day. It’s no wonder that estimators and builders are adopting model-based cost estimating, also known as 5D BIM. This handy ebook is an estimator’s guide to better understanding building information modeling.

Why Aktion for Cloud Services?

Ready for a business where downtime and lost profits are a thing of the past? An always-on business is the reality with Aktion’s Cloud Services developed specifically for Architecture & Engineering.

Most hosting providers force you to conform to a generic, one-size-fits-all services model. These providers disregard everything that makes your business unique and successful.

Generic is not who you are. And it’s not who we are, either. Find out what sets Aktion apart from other Cloud Service Providers.

HR success in the construction industry is complicated. It’s no secret that professionals working in HR in the construction and contracting industry face a unique set of challenges. This ebook from Arcoro reviews Top Three Tips for HR Success in Construction. Using these techniques as the starting point for short and longer-term planning, you can help pivot your team and company to higher productivity and success by ensuring everyone has the right tools and skills.

Arcoro HR Uses a Modular Approach for Construction Companies of all sizes.

It’s all about working smarter not harder. Whether you’re a company with 50 employees or 500, you have to hire them, track their time, pay them and manage their information. But you don’t have to rely on manual time sheets and data entry. Software like Arcoro allows for a more flexible approach than purchasing an expensive Human Resource Management System (HRMS).

This Arcoro ebook outlines Three Reasons Why a Modular Approach to HR Makes Sense for Construction Companies.

Infor releases new enhancements monthly for CloudSuite Distribution (SX.e). These frequent updates and enhancements are great for your users.

Download this free eBook to find out the top new enhancements, updates, and integrations available for CloudSuite Distribution (SX.e).

This book is maintained by Aktion Associates for use by our customers to help them understand the functionality you have available that you may not currently utilize.


Knowledge is power. You need the power of real-time reporting and intelligence tools to make informed decisions, complete projects and resolve problems more efficiently. Acumatica combines its award-winning ERP platform and customizable reporting engine with leading business intelligence to streamline operations and ignite innovation.

Read a new Acumatica Solution Brief to learn more about the robust tools that amplify your reporting flexibility all without having to be a computer programmer.

To access more Acumatica content be sure to visit Aktion’s Acumatica Featured Video Resource page where you’ll find frequently updated and subject-specific video shorts on demand.

Delivering Value: How to Choose an ERP Platform that Facilitates Long-Term Growth

Acumatica’s dynamic scalability and advanced security provide growth-oriented companies with ongoing benefits. In this Acumatica ebook, you’ll learn how to use your ERP platform to expand profitability and advance financial operations. You’ll also read about the importance of a flexible, scalable platform to give you choices in deployment, users and support.

On an older release of FACTS and missing functionality that would increase your business processes? The Infor FACTS Upgrade Book will show you the features released from all the way back to version 7.0 to the current release.

This book is maintained by Aktion Associates for use by our customers to help them with finding which release gives you the functionality you’ve been looking to achieve.

There are times in every business’ lifecycle when QuickBooks is no longer enough. Your business has grown so much, don’t stop now. Build your platform for the future by upgrading your operations to a true cloud ERP solution. This Acumatica ebook outlines the 12 common signs you’ve outgrown QuickBooks. If you’re curious about the features and benefits that Acumatica brings to the table, check out our Acumatica Resource page.

Download the ebook here.