Aktion Associates’ decades of experience as a technology provider focused on the construction, distribution, manufacturing, and architectural engineering industries has afforded us unparalleled business application knowledge. Along with our nationally recognized business software consulting practices, we have been awarded high marks for excellence in our technology and managed services programs, as well as for our IT vendor relationships.

Aktion’s Managed Infrastructure and Cloud Services (MICS) division can provide solutions focused on hardware, security, monitoring, management, servers, storage, barcoding, and even desktops/laptops/tablets. Our decades of network engineering experience, combined with our longstanding expertise in the construction, distribution, manufacturing, and architectural engineering industries, make Aktion uniquely suited to providing IT partnerships.

Vantagepoint Intelligence provides an at-a-glance summary of the data important to your business so you can establish and monitor corporate goals, as well as identify when you need to proactively respond to changing conditions. Replace hours or collating data from multiple reports with interactive business intelligence to identify trends and make more informed decisions.

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Vantagepoint provides interactive dashboards and easy-to-use reports full of insight into the health of your business so you can focus on potential challenges and highlight success stories. Vantagepoint delivers faster and more accurate reporting and analysis so you can initiate discussions with key stakeholders when you spot a risk or opportunity and make more focused, impactful decisions.

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Vantagepoint was designed with different requirements in mind and bundled into three suites in order to accommodate your unique needs. Whether you’re struggling to manage business development activities, schedule resources, invoice clients or accommodate complex project accounting, Vantagepoint has a solution to help you deliver more successful projects and grow your business.

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Vantagepoint delivers complete visibility into every aspect of your project in one central projects hub from initial pursuit through closeout. With Vantagepoint, you can monitor project performance to avoid schedule and cost overruns; identify potential risks and make adjustments; collaborate across the entire project team; expedite invoices and deliver successful projects.

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Vantagepoint provides a comprehensive accounting and financial management solution to help your company manage every aspect of fiscal performance. Automate approvals and streamline accounts payable; speed up your month-end close; and manage accounts receivable with ease. Quickly capture time and expenses; improve data integrity; expedite financial management; and deliver deeper visibility into the financial health of your company.

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Improve operational practices and recapture lost profits in your projects.

Deltek created a guide to help A&E firms prevent project scope creep and improve staff utilization. Download the free guide and discover the top nine areas Architecture and Engineering firms are losing profit, and how you can improve your business management and operational practices.

Direct Deltek access and fast, flexible support.

Aktion has an environment designed, maintained, staffed and supported by knowledgeable engineers with extensive expertise in Deltek software.

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Why Aktion for Cloud Services?

Ready for a business where downtime and lost profits are a thing of the past? An always-on business is the reality with Aktion’s Cloud Services developed specifically for Architecture & Engineering.

Most hosting providers force you to conform to a generic, one-size-fits-all services model. These providers disregard everything that makes your business unique and successful.

Generic is not who you are. And it’s not who we are, either. Find out what sets Aktion apart from other Cloud Service Providers.

Powering Project Success for Consulting Firms

Designed from the ground up by consultants for consultants. Deltek Vantagepoint is built on 30 years of project expertise, so you can navigate today’s modern workplace and improve client satisfaction.

Gain up-to-the-minute insights about project progress, resource allocation, and financial performance with a single solution that places your projects and people at its heart. Designed to be used anywhere, anytime and built with consulting industry specific features and an intuitive interface that gives you complete visibility from pursuit to close out. Deltek Vantagepoint is the solution consultants want to use and firms need to use in today’s service economy.