Why Aktion for Cloud Services?

Ready for a business where downtime and lost profits are a thing of the past? An always-on business is the reality with Aktion’s Cloud Services developed specifically for Architecture & Engineering.

Most hosting providers force you to conform to a generic, one-size-fits-all services model. These providers disregard everything that makes your business unique and successful.

Generic is not who you are. And it’s not who we are, either. Find out what sets Aktion apart from other Cloud Service Providers.

Powering Project Success for Consulting Firms

Designed from the ground up by consultants for consultants. Deltek Vantagepoint is built on 30 years of project expertise, so you can navigate today’s modern workplace and improve client satisfaction.

Gain up-to-the-minute insights about project progress, resource allocation, and financial performance with a single solution that places your projects and people at its heart. Designed to be used anywhere, anytime and built with consulting industry specific features and an intuitive interface that gives you complete visibility from pursuit to close out. Deltek Vantagepoint is the solution consultants want to use and firms need to use in today’s service economy.

Aktion Helps Mead & Hunt Create IT Crown Jewel

Mead & Hunt credits Aktion and Deltek Vision for managing the firm’s profitable growth and helping the firm create its IT crown jewel—a well-planned web of custom information centers and integrated data that provide decision-makers the information they need in a click or two.

Read this case study to learn more.

Maximize Your Vision / Vantagepoint Investment

If you think that your Deltek system is being underutilized and could be more efficient, it may be time for one of our optimization workshops.

Aktion offers three workshops focused on optimizing CRM, Accounting and Project Management processes. We will work with your team to develop a comprehensive assessment of how your system is working (and not working) for you.

Ensure Smooth ERP Data Migration

When you’re acquiring or merging with another company, you know you must merge your ERP systems to fully leverage your investment. The challenge can seem daunting to IT folks who don’t handle data migration every day. We’ve done so many data mergers that Deltek and other Deltek Partners often call on us when they need additional resources to handle a data migration merge.

Take Full Advantage of Your Vision/Vantagepoint Software

Making the decision to move to a new integrated project management platform is a large undertaking for any firm, regardless of size or market. In addition to the considerable financial investment, the change requires a large commitment of resources and often will have far reaching cultural impacts within your organization. From selecting the best software package to defining the implementation roadmap, preparing to embark on such a change is often a lengthy decision and one full of confusing options and competing interests.

An Effectiveness Review is a chance to benchmark where you are currently, related to process, culture, and technology, and develop a roadmap for taking Vision/Vantagepoint to the next level within your firm.

Fast-Track Your Vantagepoint Migration

Aktion has ushered thousands of clients through countless migrations. Along the way, we’ve learned what works, what doesn’t, and how to do it better.

Whether you’re interested in Vantagepoint on-premise or in the cloud, our team of consultants have developed a proven migration process and tools they use to simplify your journey to the ultimate in project intelligence, management, and collaboration.

Watch the webinar recording presented by CCG, an Aktion Associates company and learn how to setup and maintain project plans in Vantagepoint.

See how to create and maintain project plans in Vantagepoint like a pro! From entering resources to saving baselines and reviewing plan settings this on-demand webinar recording will leave you ready to conquer Project Planning.

Whether you are new to Deltek’s software, considering upgrading to Vantagepoint for your company, or just need a better understanding of Project Planning within Vantagepoint, this is a great opportunity for you. This webinar is designed to walk you through the navigation and capabilities of Project Planning.

Increase your agency efficiency and profitability by using a tool to nurture the bottom line. With the ability to turn out accurate estimates, manage staff and track time, Deltek lets you integrate operational processes for better visibility into agency performance.

Learn more about Deltek Professional Services with this whitepaper titled 10 Ways to Increase Agency Efficiency and Profitability.


Finding and winning projects is how you position your firm to win. Deltek Vantagepoint helps you pursue the right projects, qualify them and nurture client relationships. Read this Deltek Vantagepoint brochure to learn how its built for the ways architecture and engineering firms work.