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Phocas Software delivers advanced business planning and analytics across your organization. With out-of-the box standard integration built for non-technical users, you can easily get data in seconds on your sales, inventory, forecasts, prices, profit margins, resources, and budgets. Get complete flexibility and independence with dynamic reporting and dashboarding. Connect with your colleagues and securely collaborate across budgeting and planning.

In this on-demand webinar you’ll learn:

Are you looking for a way to enhance your reporting and budgeting capabilities with Acumatica? Do you want to leverage the power and flexibility of Excel without sacrificing the accuracy and security of your data? If so, watch our on-demand webinar where we will show you how Velixo can help you achieve your goals.

In this video, you will learn how Velixo can be used to automate your business, with the goal to save significant time and money and improve your decision-making processes.


The User Maintenance Hub, when connected to Deltek Vantagepoint, is the ideal solution for handling your company’s user accounts. This adaptable tool is crafted to simplify various tedious tasks related to user maintenance.

Effortlessly eliminate users from the system, allocate personal items to different users, and examine and reassign recurring submissions. Additionally, you can utilize the copy grid settings feature to uphold a consistent grid column layout throughout the entire organization.


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The Master Service Agreement Hub is specially designed to provide the most comprehensive approach to managing, reviewing, and analyzing your master service agreements in Deltek Vantagepoint.

By consolidating the initial agreement details and associated projects in one location, you gain a comprehensive view of the entire agreement. The hub also offers real-time visibility into the overall contract amount, allowing you to compare used and contracted project amounts and quickly identify the remaining amount.


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The Fleet Maintenance Hub is the perfect solution for any organization using Deltek Vantagepoint that needs to keep track of its fleet. This powerful solution provides users with one-stop access to all vehicle information, including make, model, VIN, starting and ending mileage, and more.

The hub includes automated features to easily track starting and ending mileage, as well as lookups for project and phase tasks. Plus, it allows for simple communication between drivers and fleet coordinators through customized notifications.


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The Billing Terms Automation tool provides an easy way to ensure the security and accuracy of all your billing terms inside Deltek Vantagepoint. Establish billing terms during project setup and have the flexibility to update them when contract amounts change, making it ideal for businesses of any size. The fully customizable, single-entry point system enables you to tailor the software to meet specific requirements for different clients, projects, and fees.


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Designed specifically for organizations using Deltek Vantagepoint aiming to simplify the legal requirements of their employees, this hub ensures that your workforce has the appropriate licenses for each state. You can examine state-specific criteria, view all employees licensed in a particular state, and access links to related projects outlining additional licensing requirements.

The Professional License Management Hub is programmed to send expiration reminders and offers a comprehensive firm review with reporting and dashboard features.


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The Dashboard Package featuring Phocas BI empowers decision-makers to have precise and actionable insights from their data inside Deltek Vantagepoint. Users can spot trends that might not be apparent in raw data through the included visualizations and reports.

The Performance Monitoring and Optimization features allow decision-makers to monitor key performance indicators in real-time and monitor progress toward objectives. The Visual Data Representation option helps transform intricate data sets into easily understandable charts and graphs.


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The Revenue History Sync retrieves and monitors revenue history inside Deltek Vantagepoint with precision. This synch not only offers a concise overview of your three-year revenue history but also updates client statuses according to past revenue, enhancing your ability to forecast potential earnings more effectively. Tailor revenue values for flexibility to accommodate specific requirements, such as parent/child firm relationships.


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An ideal solution for businesses using Deltek Vantagepoint who are aiming to simplify the management of their revenue forecast process.

Activate Revenue Forecast to look at the existing backlog, synchronize Revenue Forecast dates with Plan Dates to prevent duplication, and automatically refresh the revenue forecast monthly, ensuring that the information stays current with the latest backlog changes.


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