IBM Power is built for core enterprise applications and the next wave of digital transformation fueled by application modernization.
Aktion specializes in designing and installing high-performance infrastructures for businesses of all sizes.

Download the complimentary brochure to learn about the 10 major benefits of modernizing with IBM Power10 and a comparison of the features and functionality with previous versions.

Deltek Ajera is an integrated project management and accounting system that benefits every role at A&E firms by ensuring accurate and up-to-date data, communication, and accessible reporting. Replace disconnected systems that offer limited access to project information with an easy to use, fully integrated solution from the most trusted software provider for architects and engineers.

Learn about Deltek Ajera and the features it provides A&E firms with all the tools they need to grow their business and increase profitability.

When it comes to resource management for a project, getting the right people scheduled from the start can make it easier to deliver successful projects. Pinpoint the right resources based on their skills and availability to meet your schedule and budget demands. With Vantagepoint, you can get the right people on the right projects at the right time to improve performance and increase client satisfaction.

Download this brochure to learn how Deltek Vantagepoint Resource Management helps project-based companies proactively plan and manage resources, optimize utilization, and accurately forecast.

Need better resources, pipeline and time and expense management?

The complimentary brochure includes a comparison chart of Deltek and QuickBooks features and functionalities such as CRM, Resource Planning, Dashboards and Reporting, Accounting, Time and Expenses, Cloud Enablement and more.

If you are considering a move from your current solution, download the comparison and learn how Aktion can help your company with the transition.

Why Aktion for Managed Services?

Ready for a business where downtime and lost profits are a thing of the past? An always-on business is the reality with Aktion’s Managed Services, a suite of proactive management services and tools developed specifically for your application and industry.

Most managed service providers force you to conform to a generic, one-size-fits-all services model. These providers disregard key elements that make your business unique and successful.

Generic is not who you are. And it’s not who we are, either. Learn more about Aktion Managed Services designed for the architectural engineering and construction industry.

Your world revolves around clients and projects – finding, pursuing, and winning them. With Vantagepoint Customer Relationship Management (CRM), your teams can identify potential projects or engagements earlier and pinpoint the clients worth pursuing. Access key information on your mobile device and connect with Outlook details to keep your clients and pursuits on track. Nurture client relationships when it matters most, build a strong pipeline, develop the right pursuits, and better position your firm to win with Vantagepoint CRM.

Download this brochure to learn how your company can nurture client relationships and win more business with Vantagepoint CRM.

Better predict what’s going to happen in your business with a more dynamic and user-friendly solution. Your budget process becomes seamless and ultimately more accurate. The solution is well-suited to rolling forecasts, allowing you to keep pace with changing market conditions and have a clear picture of your business.

Accurate budgets and forecasts set the foundation for confident decision making which leads to profitable growth. Using Phocas Budgeting and Forecasting, finance teams get the familiarity of spreadsheets and the peace of mind of data integrity. With user friendly workflows, budget contributors more readily engage in the process, gain deeper understanding of financial data and are more accountable for their numbers.

Learn more about the Phocas solution and the budgeting and forecasting features and benefits in this detailed datasheet exclusively from Aktion.

Energize your business with Phocas software, a powerful, collaborative planning and analytics solutions.

The solution is designed to help mid-market, construction, manufacturers, wholesale distributors and retailers use their own data to find ways to sell, buy, operate and service customers better.

Got data? Check out how companies like you are getting results with Phocas software. Download this brochure for a quick overview of the solution and its benefits.

The network backbone is the most important piece of a network, providing core connectivity between key network components or divisions. This connectivity may cover a building, a local area, or may include numerous geographical locations. The backbone keeps the data flowing to and from endpoints, and is critical to keeping your infrastructure responsive and productive.

Download the free brochure to learn the key components when navigating a WAN/LAN assessment. Aktion can provide additional assistance with your assessment and ensure your network meets the needs of today’s demanding businesses.

Aktion Associates’ decades of experience as a technology provider focused on the construction, distribution, manufacturing, and architectural engineering industries has afforded us unparalleled business application knowledge. Along with our nationally recognized business software consulting practices, we have been awarded high marks for excellence in our technology and managed services programs, as well as for our IT vendor relationships.

Aktion’s Managed Infrastructure and Cloud Services (MICS) division can provide solutions focused on hardware, security, monitoring, management, servers, storage, barcoding, and even desktops/laptops/tablets. Our decades of network engineering experience, combined with our longstanding expertise in the construction, distribution, manufacturing, and architectural engineering industries, make Aktion uniquely suited to providing IT partnerships.