In the ever-evolving landscape of finance, where volatility seems to be the sole consistent factor, the need for persistent planning has never been more pronounced. Financial scenario planning emerges as the leader for strategic foresight, offering businesses and individuals a compass to navigate through uncertainties and ensure alignment between budgets and objectives. In this blog post, we delve into the significance of financial scenario planning and why finance teams should change direction when significant risks arise. 

Understanding Financial Scenario Planning 

Financial scenario planning is a proactive approach that involves crafting various financial models to anticipate potential outcomes based on different sets of assumptions and variables. It’s essentially a way of envisioning different futures and preparing accordingly. Whether it’s changes in market conditions, shifts in consumer behavior, or unexpected external shocks like natural disasters or economic downturns, scenario planning equips organizations to assess the potential impact on their financial health and make informed decisions. 


Aligning Budgets with Objectives 

At the heart of financial scenario planning lies the alignment between budgets and objectives. A well-defined budget serves as a roadmap, outlining the financial resources required to achieve specific goals and milestones. However, in a dynamic environment, sticking to a rigid budget without considering external factors can lead to misalignment and missed opportunities. Financial scenario planning allows organizations to stress-test their budgets against various scenarios, ensuring that they remain agile and adaptable to changing circumstances while staying true to their overarching objectives. 


Identifying and Mitigating Risks 

One of the primary objectives of financial scenario planning is risk mitigation. By simulating different scenarios, finance teams can identify potential risks and vulnerabilities that might threaten the financial health of the organization. Whether it’s revenue shortfalls, cost overruns, or liquidity constraints, scenario planning enables proactive risk management by highlighting areas that require attention and strategic intervention. Rather than waiting for risks to materialize, finance teams can preemptively adjust certain areas of the budget to mitigate their impact and safeguard the organization’s financial stability. 


The Role of Finance in Adjusting Course 

In the realm of financial scenario planning, the finance function plays a pivotal role in steering the course of action. Armed with insights from scenario analyses, finance professionals are tasked with evaluating the implications of different scenarios on the organization’s financial performance and making data-driven recommendations to adjust the budget accordingly. Whether it involves reallocating resources, revising revenue projections, or renegotiating contracts, finance teams need to be agile and responsive in their approach to ensure that the budget remains aligned with strategic objectives despite changing circumstances. 



In a world characterized by uncertainty and volatility, financial scenario planning emerges as a critical tool for organizations to navigate choppy waters and stay on course toward their objectives. By aligning budgets with objectives, identifying and mitigating risks, and leveraging the expertise of finance professionals and business intelligence tools to adjust course, when necessary, businesses can enhance their resilience and adaptability in the face of ever-changing economic landscapes. Ultimately, financial scenario planning isn’t just about predicting the future—it’s about shaping it proactively and ensuring a sound financial footing for long-term success. 

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, wholesale distributors face a multitude of challenges ranging from supply chain complexities to increasing customer demands. To navigate these challenges effectively and stay ahead in the game, wholesale distributors must leverage advanced technology that streamlines operations, enhances visibility, and drives growth. One such transformative solution gaining traction in the industry is Infor CloudSuite Distribution. In this article, we delve into why wholesale distributors should consider migrating from their existing ERP systems to Infor CloudSuite Distribution. 

The Power of Cloud Computing 

Traditionally, many wholesale distributors have been reliant on on-premise ERP systems, which often come with limitations in terms of scalability, flexibility, and accessibility. In contrast, Infor CloudSuite Distribution harnesses the power of cloud computing, offering unparalleled agility and scalability. By migrating to the cloud, distributors can eliminate the need for costly infrastructure investments and enjoy the benefits of automatic updates and maintenance, ensuring they always have access to the latest features and functionalities. 

Enhanced Visibility and Control 

Visibility across the entire supply chain is paramount for wholesale distributors to make informed decisions and respond swiftly to market changes. Infor CloudSuite Distribution provides comprehensive visibility into inventory levels, sales performance, and customer demand in real-time, enabling distributors to optimize inventory management, minimize stockouts, and enhance customer satisfaction. With advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, distributors can gain actionable insights into key performance metrics, empowering them to identify trends, spot opportunities, and drive continuous improvement. 

Streamlined Operations and Efficiency Gains 

Efficiency is the cornerstone of success in wholesale distribution. Infor CloudSuite Distribution offers a suite of powerful tools and features designed to streamline core business processes, from order management and procurement to warehouse operations and financial management. By automating repetitive tasks and optimizing workflows, distributors can reduce manual errors, minimize lead times, and accelerate order fulfillment cycles. Moreover, with built-in collaboration tools and mobile capabilities, employees can stay connected and productive, whether they’re in the office, warehouse, or on the go. 

Adaptability to Changing Business Needs 

In today’s dynamic business environment, adaptability is key to staying competitive. Unlike traditional ERP systems that may struggle to keep pace with evolving business requirements, Infor CloudSuite Distribution is designed to adapt and scale effortlessly to meet the changing needs of wholesale distributors. Whether it’s expanding into new markets, integrating with third-party applications, or accommodating shifting customer preferences, CloudSuite Distribution provides the flexibility and agility to support growth and innovation. 

Cost-Effectiveness and Return on Investment 

Investing in a new ERP system is a significant decision for any wholesale distributor, and ROI considerations are paramount. Infor CloudSuite Distribution offers a compelling value proposition, combining advanced functionality with predictable pricing and lower total cost of ownership compared to traditional on-premise solutions. With faster implementation times and reduced IT overheads, distributors can achieve a faster return on investment and position themselves for long-term success. 


In an era defined by digital transformation and heightened competition, wholesale distributors must embrace innovation and modernize their operations to thrive. Infor CloudSuite Distribution represents a game-changing solution that empowers distributors to unlock new levels of efficiency, visibility, and agility across their organizations. By migrating to the cloud and leveraging the advanced capabilities of CloudSuite Distribution, wholesale distributors can future-proof their businesses, drive sustainable growth, and deliver exceptional value to their customers in the rapidly evolving marketplace. 

In recent years, the landscape of industrial distribution has been undergoing a significant transformation, largely driven by the relentless advancement of technology. Amid this digital revolution, one name has emerged as a beacon for industrial distributors seeking to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and stay ahead of the curve: Infor CloudSuite Distribution. This innovative cloud-based solution has been capturing the attention of industry leaders, prompting a notable migration towards its robust platform. But what exactly is fueling this shift, and why are industrial distributors flocking towards Infor CloudSuite Distribution?  

Why are business leaders making the move: 

Streamlined Operations 

Efficient operations lie at the heart of any successful industrial distribution business. Infor CloudSuite Distribution offers a comprehensive suite of tools tailored specifically to the needs of distributors. From inventory management and order processing to procurement and supply chain optimization, the platform provides a seamless integration of essential functionalities. By consolidating these operations into a single unified system, distributors can eliminate redundancies, minimize errors, and enhance overall productivity. 

Real-time Visibility and Analytics 

In today’s fast-paced business environment, data reigns supreme. Infor CloudSuite Distribution empowers distributors with real-time visibility into their operations. Through intuitive dashboards and customizable reporting tools, users gain invaluable insights into sales performance, inventory levels, customer trends, and more. Armed with this wealth of actionable data, distributors can make informed decisions swiftly, adapt to changing market dynamics, and capitalize on emerging opportunities. 

Scalability and Flexibility 

The scalability and flexibility offered by Infor CloudSuite Distribution are unparalleled. Whether you’re a small distributor with modest operations or a large enterprise with complex distribution networks, the platform can adapt to suit your needs. Its cloud-based architecture ensures seamless scalability, allowing businesses to expand without the constraints of traditional on-premises systems. Moreover, the design of the platform enables distributors to tailor their solutions precisely to their requirements, adding or removing functionalities as needed. 

Enhanced Customer Experience 

In an era where customer experience reigns supreme, Infor CloudSuite Distribution enables distributors to elevate their service offerings to new heights. With features such as CRM integration, personalized pricing, and omnichannel support, distributors can deliver a seamless and engaging experience to their customers at every touchpoint. Whether it’s through faster order processing, accurate inventory tracking, or proactive customer support, the platform empowers distributors to exceed customer expectations and foster long-lasting relationships. 

Future-proof Technology 

Infor CloudSuite Distribution represents the epitome of future-proof technology. Built on a foundation of cutting-edge innovations such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and IoT connectivity, the platform is continuously evolving to meet the evolving needs of the industry. Regular updates and enhancements ensure that distributors always have access to the latest tools and features, keeping them ahead of the curve in an ever-changing landscape. 

The Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) and SL (Solomon) end of life and support is a subject that has gained significant attention in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) industry. This translates to the discontinuation of essential security updates, technical assistance, and bug resolution, leaving your business exposed and impeding its capacity for growth. The pressing issue of transitioning to newer, more agile systems is at the forefront of this support end.

For GP and SL users, this presents a crucial decision: migrate to a new ERP system or risk falling behind. While Microsoft suggests Dynamics 365 Business Central as a replacement, there’s another powerful contender in the arena – Acumatica.

Why Acumatica Shines as the Future-Proof Choice:

The sunsetting of Microsoft Dynamics GP and SL marks a pivotal moment in the ERP landscape. Businesses are increasingly turning to Acumatica for its modern architecture, cloud-native design, and unparalleled flexibility. As companies embark on the journey to digitize and streamline their operations, Acumatica emerges as a robust choice that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of the modern business environment.

If you have questions or want to discuss this transition further, feel free to contact Aktion . We’re here to assist you in making informed decisions for the success of your business.

The distribution landscape is one of the most complex and dynamic arenas in the modern economy. Supply chains, inventory management, customer demands, and the ever-changing world of technology ultimately will define the fate of distributors. Among these complexities, selecting an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system becomes not just a technological upgrade; it represents a strategic pivot that can delineate between adaptability and lack of progress.

Enter Infor CloudSuite Distribution — an emerging standout in the realm of ERP that has attracted the interest of numerous forward-looking distributors. In this deep-dive, we identify some of the core challenges facing distributors and why many companies are making the switch to Infor’s cloud-based ERP. From simplifying the supply chain to harnessing real-time data, we examine how Infor CloudSuite Distribution isn’t just a tool but rather a driving force for expansion and leadership within the industry.

The Modern Distributor’s Dilemma

The distributor’s role is inherently tied to the ebbs and flows of the market. Rising customer expectations, the need for 24/7 service, and the necessity for operational excellence have taken a toll on a distributors’ ability to adapt.

Distributors face a variety of complex challenges.  With global competition, the distribution industry has become increasingly more difficult to stay on top.  The supply chain has become more difficult to navigate its intricacies through a maze of suppliers, manufacturers, and customers. Many distributors also face data overload with an overwhelming amount of data and an inability to harness it effectively.  Additional challenges to meet customer demands have many distributors just trying to survive in the marketplace. What have many found as the solution? A robust, agile ERP system that acts as the central nervous system, strengthening the distributor’s ability to respond and grow.

Infor CloudSuite Distribution is the Answer

The Infor CloudSuite Distribution solution offers a strong mix of features that address the very issues that keep distributors awake at night. It is designed to represent the agility and efficiency required to match the relentless pace of modern distributors. Let’s take a closer look at some core features and their benefits:

The Cloud Distribution Advantage

The shift towards cloud-based technology represents a new chapter for distributors. Cloud computing offers unparalleled scalability, cost-efficiency, and the ability to keep systems constantly updated without significant IT intervention. Infor’s established track record with cloud deployments positions CloudSuite Distribution as a frontrunner in the race for digital transformation.

 The Path Forward

The choice to adopt Infor CloudSuite Distribution represents more than a technological upgrade. It’s a strategic imperative for distributors looking to have a competitive edge in the dynamic market. The platform’s suite of tools and its adherence to cloud best practices are a clear sign that Infor is not just watching the market; it’s shaping it.

For distributors at the crossroads of technology, agility, and growth, Infor CloudSuite Distribution is a beacon of transformation. By embracing this innovative ERP system, distributors can gain the leverage they need to not just survive the industry’s challenges but emerge as leaders in the field.

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A Complete Platform for Distributors 

In today’s ever evolving and competitive market, distributors face numerous challenges in streamlining their operations and staying ahead of the competition. From managing inventory to optimizing supply chain processes, there is a constant need for efficient solutions that can help business leaders meet the demands of their customers while keeping costs under control. That’s where an integrated platform comes into play – offering a comprehensive solution that addresses all key aspects of distribution management. In this blog post, we will delve into the benefits and features of Infor CloudSuite Distribution, a complete platform designed specifically for distributors to enhance productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction. Powered by AWS, the leading cloud platform, Infor CSD provides industry-driven value, optimized applications, scalability, and resiliency. Whether you are an IT professional looking for the best technology solution or a CEO seeking growth opportunities for your business, this is one platform you do not want to miss! 

The challenges faced by industrial distributors in managing their business 

Distributors face numerous challenges in managing their business that can greatly affect their bottom line. From logistics and supply chain management to inventory tracking and customer service, there are many areas where problems can arise and cause disruption. To succeed in this industry, distributors must be able to adapt quickly to changing market conditions, stay up to date on emerging technologies, and develop efficient processes to minimize costs and enhance productivity. By leveraging powerful tools like data analytics and automation software, distributors can gain better insight into their operations and make more informed decisions that drive growth and profitability. With the right strategies in place and a strong focus on continuous improvement, even the most complex challenges can be overcome with ease. 

Inventory management made easy with advanced tracking and real-time updates 

Managing inventory can be a tedious and time-consuming task, but with advanced tracking and real-time updates, it doesn’t have to be. The latest inventory management tools make it easier than ever before to keep track of all your stock items, no matter how many you have. With real-time updates, you’ll know exactly what’s in stock and what needs to be reordered, so you can better plan your business processes. Whether you are a small business owner or manage a large warehouse, advanced inventory management software can help streamline your operations and save you time and money. With these powerful tools at your disposal, you can focus on growing your business, knowing that your inventory is always under control. 

Order processing automation for faster and more accurate fulfillment 

As businesses continue to adapt to an increasingly digital world, streamlining their order processing systems has become essential. With order processing automation, companies can significantly enhance the speed and accuracy of their order fulfillment process. By implementing software to automate tasks such as data entry, inventory management, and shipping, businesses can reduce the risk of errors and delays, while freeing up time for staff to focus on more critical tasks. With real-time order tracking and updates, businesses can also provide their customers with a better overall experience. The benefits of order processing automation are clear, offering businesses a smart investment that can help increase efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. 

The Infor Operating Service (OS) seamlessly connects services to provide a robust integration framework so that your company can be flexible and agile in the cloud. It is a digital business platform with competitive advantages such as: 


Your Back-office ERP Software is the backbone of our business.  It should provide a foundation for growth and manage every aspect of your business. For more information, get ahold of Aktion Industry Expert Rob Dallas to see all the reasons why more distributors are moving to this distribution-focused, modern, and innovative platform.  

The janitorial supply distribution industry is rapidly changing, with increased customer expectations and an ever-shifting marketplace. As a result, there has never been a better time for janitorial distribution vendors to upgrade their eCommerce platforms. In this blog post, we’ll explore the current challenges in the industry, the benefits of a modern eCommerce platform, and real-world examples of successful vendors who’ve embraced the future.

Challenges Facing Janitorial Distribution Vendors

The current state of the janitorial distribution industry is far from ideal. Vendors face several issues when it comes to selling their products online:

The Benefits of Upgrading eCommerce Platforms

How Modern ECommerce Platforms Address These Challenges

Upgrading a modern eCommerce platform can significantly improve the customer experience and enhance profitability. Here’s how:

The Time to Upgrade is Now: A Call-to-Action

For janitorial distribution vendors, investing in a modern eCommerce platform is essential to staying competitive in today’s market. Upgrading your system not only improves the customer experience but also bolsters profitability through increased sales and repeat business. Don’t get left behind – take the next step toward a more innovative, efficient, and profitable business model by upgrading your eCommerce platform today. So, it is time to embrace the future and take advantage of all that modern ecommerce has to offer. Don’t wait any longer – upgrade your eCommerce platform now!

In conclusion, the janitorial distribution industry is evolving rapidly, and vendors must keep up with changing customer expectations and marketplace realities. By upgrading to a modern eCommerce platform, vendors can overcome current challenges, improve the customer experience, and increase profitability. Don’t wait until it’s too late – make the switch to a modern eCommerce platform now! Your customers will thank you, and your business will thrive in this new era of janitorial distribution. So what are you waiting for? Upgrade today and secure a successful future for your business in the ever-growing world of eCommerce! Let’s embrace the future together and drive the janitorial distribution industry forward. It’s time for vendors to step up, stand out, and succeed in this competitive market. Upgrade your eCommerce platform now – your customers will thank you! So why wait? Upgrade today and secure a successful future for your business in the ever-growing world of eCommerce. The future is here, and it’s time for janitorial distribution vendors to make the most of it. Let’s embrace the future together and drive this industry forward with confidence and innovation! So don’t hesitate – upgrade your eCommerce platform today to see immediate results in customer satisfaction, sales growth, and overall business success. The opportunities are endless – seize them now.

Wholesale distribution has always been considered the backbone of the supply chain. The transition from brick-and-mortar to eCommerce in the digital age has revolutionized the way businesses operate, and wholesale distribution is no exception. eCommerce is no longer an added advantage, but a necessity for wholesalers looking to stay ahead in a competitive and rapidly changing market. In this article, we will explore why eCommerce is critical for wholesale distribution. 

 Increased Reach 

eCommerce offers wholesalers the ability to reach a larger customer base, regardless of their location. With the convenience of online shopping, customers can browse, select, and purchase their desired products from anywhere, and at any time. A well-established eCommerce platform enables wholesalers to market their products globally, and in turn, boost sales. By providing customers with a seamless and efficient online experience, wholesalers can build trust and loyalty, thereby improving customer retention and enhancing their brand reputation. 

 Streamlined Operations 

Wholesalers are provided with an efficient and streamlined process for managing orders through eCommerce platforms. It eliminates the need for manual order processing, thus reducing errors and processing time. Wholesalers can integrate their eCommerce platform with their inventory management systems, enabling real-time visibility into stock levels and product availability. This way, wholesalers can avoid overselling or underselling products, which helps in effectively managing their resources. Automated online sales orders also enable wholesalers to process and fulfill orders faster, resulting in happy customers and repeat orders. 

 Improved Customer Service 

In a fiercely competitive market, every business wants to stand out from the crowd. A good eCommerce platform can help wholesalers differentiate themselves from the competition by providing exemplary customer service. With eCommerce, customers can raise queries, submit requests, or seek assistance in real-time. They can also track their orders, access product information, and reach out to customer service representatives from the comfort of their homes or offices. Wholesalers can also leverage this data to offer personalized recommendations, develop targeted marketing campaigns and enhance their customer engagement. 

 Increased ROI 

All businesses are looking for an increased return on investment (ROI). A reliable and user-friendly eCommerce platform can help.  Wholesalers can keep their costs low by automating manual processes and eliminating the need for physical stores, which can be expensive to maintain. eCommerce also enables wholesalers to better manage their inventories, minimize inventory costs, and reduce the risk of stockouts. This way, wholesalers can optimize their resources and grow their revenue while increasing their ROI. 

 Competitive Advantage 

The ability to quickly adapt to market trends and provide exceptional customer experience is the key to staying ahead in the ever-changing wholesale distribution market. By deploying a robust eCommerce platform, wholesalers can gain a competitive edge and offer their customers a seamless online shopping experience. The platform should allow customers to access product catalogs, view pricing, place orders, and track their deliveries. A well-designed and user-friendly eCommerce platform can help wholesalers boost their brand reputation, attract new customers, and retain existing ones. 

In conclusion, eCommerce has become critical for wholesalers looking to stay ahead in the market. With an efficient and streamlined eCommerce platform, wholesalers can reach a broader audience, streamline their operations, offer exemplary customer service, increase their ROI, and stay ahead of the competition. e-commerce is an essential tool for wholesale distribution, and wholesalers must leverage it to remain relevant and profitable in an ever-changing digital landscape. 



In the dynamic world of commercial roofing, staying ahead of the competition requires more than just superior craftsmanship. The key to sustained success lies in effective operations, streamlined processes and business workflows, and a robust financial backbone. Introducing Acumatica, the innovative ERP solution driving roofing companies to unparalleled success.

In this blog, we will dive into the compelling reasons why roofing companies are emerging as winners with Acumatica.

Acumatica empowers roofing businesses with comprehensive and adaptable solutions for thriving in a competitive landscape. From effective project management to real-time financial insights, Acumatica equips companies with the tools for sustainable growth and success. Embrace Acumatica’s transformative power and elevate your roofing business.

To learn more about the features and functionality Aktion and Acumatica provides roofing companies, check out our brochure!

In the ever-evolving construction industry landscape, large multi-entity developers face a unique set of challenges. Managing the financial intricacies of projects spanning multiple entities, each with its own set of variables and complexities can be overwhelming. The ability to seamlessly integrate and manage these diverse financial aspects is vital for the success and growth of any large-scale developer. This is where Sage Intacct Construction comes in, providing efficiency and clarity in multi-entity financial management.

Sage Intacct Construction is not just any financial management tool; it is a comprehensive native cloud financial and project management solution designed specifically for the needs of the construction and real estate industry. It addresses the core challenges of large developers by providing a unified platform for multi-entity financial management and reporting. In this blog, we will dive into how Sage Intacct Construction tackles these challenges, transforming and streamlining operations. By offering real-time insights into each project’s financial health to simplifying complex intercompany transactions, Sage Intacct Construction stands as a pivotal innovation in the realm of construction financial management.

Centralized Financial Management

Sage Intacct Construction provides a solution that enables the integration of financial data from different entities within an organization into a single system. This centralization simplifies the management of finances and ensures consistency in reporting and analysis. By consolidating data, such as expenses, revenues, and financial statements, companies obtain a comprehensive financial overview, eliminating the need for separate accounting systems for each entity.

Automated Intercompany Transactions

Sage Intacct Construction automates intercompany transactions, streamlining processes like intercompany billing, fund transfers, elimination entries, and expense allocations.  This automation significantly reduces the manual effort and potential for errors associated with these complex transactions.

Real-Time Reporting and Insights

With all financial data consolidated in one place, Sage Intacct Construction provides real-time visibility into the financial health of the organization. Immediate access to financial information is vital for making timely and informed decisions. Through interactive dashboards, management can quickly evaluate the profitability of different projects or entities, enabling them to allocate financial and people resources more efficiently.

Compliance and Regulatory Reporting

Sage Intacct Construction stays updated with the latest regulatory changes and provides tools to ensure compliance. It facilitates accurate and compliant financial reporting, crucial for multi-entity developers operating under various regulations.

Custom Dashboards and Analytics

With Sage Intacct Construction, you have the power to tailor your dashboards and analytics to meet your exact requirements. You can effortlessly generate reports and dashboards that are perfectly aligned with your specific needs, unlocking deeper insights into the performance of each entity. This will give you a comprehensive understanding of your business’s strengths and areas for improvement.

Enhanced Collaboration Across Entities

Sage Intacct Construction acts as a centralized hub for all communication and data sharing, which is particularly crucial in the construction sector where multiple teams and entities often work in tandem. This centralized approach ensures that all stakeholders, from project managers to finance teams, to subcontractors, to suppliers, have a common platform for collaborating, reducing the likelihood of miscommunication and information silos.

Scalability and Adaptability

As development companies grow, the complexity and volume of their intercompany transactions also increase. Sage Intacct Construction’s automated systems are scalable, meaning they can handle an increasing number of transactions without a proportional increase in manual work or complexity. This scalability ensures that financial management remains efficient regardless of company growth.

Developers are experiencing a new level of efficiency and gaining valuable insights with Sage Intacct Construction. As a result, they are more confident in addressing their challenges and making strategic decisions, which is leading to unprecedented growth and profitability. Experience the transformative power of Sage Intacct Construction today and unlock a future of unlimited possibilities.