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The RealPage property management software gives you an integrated, end-to-end solution that smartly manage all your property operations.  From managing prospects and established tenants and monitoring site and corporate operations, this solution provides enhanced productivity, reduces costs, and maximizes your revenue.


With powerful back office financial accounting and automated property leasing, management, compliance and accounting activities, RealPage provides greater visibility into property management operations and financial activities for owners and managers.

The RealPage Commercial Solution was built for the small- to mid-market commercial property manager, designed to be quick and easy to implement and learn, and to customize for the way you work today, and tomorrow.


Designed to be easier to implement and use, and more complete than other solutions being used by small- to mid-market commercial property management companies, RealPage Commercial offers a lower total cost of ownership than any other solution of its kind. It’s fully scalable, and the only commercial property management solution today that contains an asset management component. Get on-demand metrics, real-time data and more, giving you a new level of insight leading to better decision making. This is definitely NOT your old school property management system.

RealPage Commercial Property Management delivers:

  • Quick Onboarding
  • Easy Lease Administration
  • Robust Recoveries
  • Commercial Portfolio Management
  • Flexible Reporting
  • Financial Integration



Unite property management teams with the activities, data and insights they need to improve efficiency and make better decisions with mobile connectivity.

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