In an architecture and engineering firm, your money is made when your expert professional staff is billing. When your “revenue generators” are idle for long, that potential income is lost forever.  Your firm must continuously have timely and accurate information on their staff to assign to the right person, to the right project at the right time.


You need modern tools to manage Resource Utilization and Service Billing.  Your income from billable resources can be maximized by having productivity tools that people can easily use.  An end-to-end business solution for planning, tracking, and administration of your resources and projects.


Architecture and Engineering firms need Architecture and Engineering Software

Introducing Acumatica, architecture and engineering software, that is designed to make companies more productive by removing the obstructions that slow you down and cost you money.

Acumatica provides:

  • A modern, fully integrated system
  • SaaS as a licensing option
  • Unlimited users
  • Access from anywhere, on any device with a browser
  • Document Management Module (including wikis)
  • Native BI integration to Microsoft PowerBI

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Key Features in Reporting and Business Intelligence

  • Automation Module (workflow)
  • Document Management Module (including wikis)
  • Personalized Dashboards
  • Integrated Reporting Engine
  • Custom Report Designers
  • Native integration to Microsoft PowerBI
  • Workflow
  • Mobility (access information from anywhere, on any device with a browser)
  • Built on top of popular Microsoft.NET platform