Vendor Partnership | GCPay

Learn the ways that adding GCPay to your Sage solution automates and integrates the whole payment application process. Find out more. Take a look at the videos and information below.
GCPay eliminates the hassle and time spent on applications for payment, compliance and lien waivers. By integrating with your Sage accounting solution, GCPay is an automated solution for managing the application for payment process between GCs and Subs.
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Read this GCPay Datasheet

Automate the applications for payment, compliance and lien waivers. Read more in this GCPay Datasheet to learn about the automation and integration you get when you add this tool to your current Sage software solution.

GCPay: Before and After

With GCPay, subcontractors can submit pay applications, lien waivers and compliance documents error free and on time every time. No scanning, faxing, printing or double entry necessary. Learn more in this quick “GCPay: Before and After” sheet from GCPay and get a clear picture of the time savings this tool can offer you.