Vendor Partnership | Arcoro and ExakTime

Arcoro Logo Check HR compliance off your list. Arcoro meets you at every HR compliance touchpoint, and makes compliance a clear and manageable task. Then add in Arcoro's popular ExakTime time and attendance solution, and you can lower labor costs and improve time & labor compliance while saying goodbye to paper time cards. Find out more about products from Arcoro with the information and links below.
ExakTime, an Arcoro product, is the time entry tool that contractors choose most. Employee time tracking and scheduling go hand in hand. ExakTime from Arcoro allows you to manage them together in one easy-to-use, streamlined solution. Watch this short video to learn more about ExakTime. 

Arcoro HR

Arcoro has been delivering the best employee experience in the field and office to over 8500 construction companies. In construction, HR technology is critical to building stronger workforces and growing your business. Hiring, training and compliance are big challenges to overcome, but with technology like Arcoro you're in good hands. Here is a great ebook from Arcoro called Three Tips for HR Success in Construction.

ExakTime from Arcoro

ExakTime from Arcoro keeps construction companies compliant even when employees are scattered across multiple job sites. This is a great infographic from ExakTime called The 5 Most Common Wage and Hour Compliance Risks You Need to Know to learn more about this powerful software tool for contractors.