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For businesses to have a competitive edge, creating an organization that is data-driven is a must. Business Intelligence software collects the data that matters, then cleans and processes the information to provide your organization with a clear picture of every aspect of the business. Being able to harness data and information related to your operations and strategy gives you a powerful vantage point to conduct business, see the business landscape, make informed decisions, and get ahead of your competition.   While there are an infinite number of ways for construction companies to use BI tools, the insights gained can give you a better picture of your entire business.  Aktion Analytics empowers your team to access data quickly and organize your data more effectively with built-in KPIs and customizable dashboards.
Aktion Analytics for Construction offers best-in-class data analytics to Sage users. Improve your margins, streamline your processes through BI. Learn more about Aktion Analytics key features:
  • A cloud-based platform
  • Built in metrics for key industries
  • Custom dashboards and reporting
  • Ability to drill down into data
  • Easily analyze projects and control costs
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The Value of Business Intelligence (BI)

Insights that come from BI systems are what organizations and decision-makers apply to boost efficiency and productivity. BI lets you combine data from multiple sources, analyze the information and distribute it to relevant people. This whitepaper about The Value of Business Intelligence outlines the ways that BI can help you convert data into smart business decisions.

Read the Aktion Analytics Datasheet

Consolidating data across all divisions can help boost margins and turn profits. Aktion Analytics for Construction provides insights for better decision-making. Read this Aktion Analytics Datasheet to see how a Business Intelligence (BI) tool built for construction can help you run your business with visibility and confidence.