Love using your Infor Distribution FACTS or CSD (SX.e), but need additional functionality? Just add StarShip Shipping Software.

You’ll manage shipments easily and efficiently with StarShip. The application seamlessly integrates with your Infor application giving you a modern shipping solution with minimal effort and expense.

Here’s why Distributors are choosing StarShip:

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Give customers the power to interact with your business how they want, when they want, with a modern experience that integrates with Infor Distribution ERPs.

Optimizely (Episerver) B2B Commerce Cloud by Insite is a powerful all-in-one solution designed to modernize and improve your website including advanced search capabilities and SEO results.

Learn how Optimizely can optimize your customers online experience in this free 30-minute webinar presented by Scott Keske.

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Gain valuable insight into your business-critical data inside an easy to customize platform with Hookshot by White Cup (formerly MITS iReporting) now available for Infor Distribution A+, FACTS, and CloudSuite Distribution (SX.e) users.

Discover Hookshot’s rich BI and reporting features – join White Cup’s Business Development Vice President, Brian Friedle as he showcases the product in this Aktion exclusive session.

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Aktion’s partnership with Avalara allows us to design time-saving and cost-effective strategies to help solve your biggest sales tax challenges. Whether you’re looking for an accurate and affordable way to calculate sales and use tax, manage exemption certificates, file returns and remit payments around the world, our tax compliance specialists are here to bring greater accuracy and efficiency to your financial processes.

Join Aktion and Avalara as we bring you a 30-minute demonstration and Q&A discussion of taxation software for Infor A+, FACTS, and CloudSuite Distribution (SX.e) users.


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You’ve been using your FACTS application for years and it fits many of your current business needs. But what if you could do more?

Join us for a webinar where we will cover how you can:

Attend this live 30-minute webinar and learn how Pro Mobile and Pro Warehouse can give you extra functionality directly into your FACTS application.

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UnForm seamlessly integrates with your Infor ERP application to create, deliver, store and retrieve graphically enhanced documents using your business-critical back office data.
A complete, end-to-end document management solution, UnForm interfaces at the point of printing to produce documents in various formats for printing and electronic delivery.

Why are Distributors using UnForm?

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Your sales team is always on the go working to close as many deals as possible. However, while on the go they may not have access to important information that could make the difference in closing some of their biggest deals.

Give your sales team a clear view of every touch point across an organization with Infor Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Join Aktion’s Scott Smallbeck for a half-hour live webinar as he dives into how you can better enable your mobile sales team inside of an Infor native CRM platform.

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Business Intelligence (BI) software provides a fact-based, real-time, singular version of the truth, empowering construction companies to build and maintain a competitive edge. Project managers who use BI have immediate access to critical information about their projects such as labor, scheduling, suppliers and detailed financials. BI software aggregates information from multiple data sources, transforming it into actionable insights that project managers can use to steer their projects towards success.

Below are five ways that project managers are using BI to make better business decisions.


1: Self-service data analysis and reporting

Time is critical to the success of construction projects, and delays usually translate into dollars. Project managers can use BI software to quickly analyze data and develop reports that lead to more strategic decisions. In the past, the analysis and reporting was likely managed by an IT department that was likely focused on more IT-centric needs of the business. The IT department can be a bottleneck and cause delays to the field, leaving project managers to make decisions on gut-feel or intuition rather than true intelligence. Intuitive BI puts the onus of data analysis and reporting into the hands of those in the field who need the data the most, and want to make quick decisions based on fact. Project managers use BI to decide how to prioritize project workflows, allocate labor, schedule equipment and supply deliveries, and manage costs and risks.  The ability to use data and manage reporting for their areas of responsibility has tremendous impact on whether current and future projects are successful

2: Better managing labor

Labor can be one of the biggest variables for construction projects. The better it can be managed and anticipated, the better chance project managers have of controlling their costs and turning a profit. The jobsite is traditionally a wide array of activity with contractors and subcontractors, and materials and equipment coming and going. Data is coming from all parts of the operations, and by aggregating and analyzing the information, project managers can quickly identify areas where labor can be reduced and or allocated to increase efficiencies, improve productivity and or drive completion. Project managers can also monitor the effectiveness of labor, whether it’s his or her own staff or contractors and subcontractors. Keeping and comparing labor with project timelines, supply and waste and other aspects of the jobsite can help project managers identify sources of labor that they will want to use on future projects.

3: Improving project efficiencies

BI can help project managers to identify problem areas and opportunities and make decisions that will refine their projects’ efficiencies. For example, nothing slows a project down faster than if the crews run out of supplies or if shipments are delayed. Project managers can use the data analytics to better understand when and how much materials need to be ordered and when to ask suppliers to deliver them. Ordering too much product can impact project budgets, while also creating challenges for how and where to store any excess. With better visibility into project data and workflows, a project manager can make better decisions on what suppliers to work with to keep things moving forward. Knowing supply ordering and delivering patterns, along with the best times, prices, and quantities to buy, also allows project managers to negotiate the best pricing tiers to increase profit margins and capitalize on every opportunity.

4: Keeping executives informed

Executives can use BI to make decisions based on statistical facts. These facts can guide choices about future growth by evaluating a long-term view of the market and competition. Executives can use the data to help decide where to focus growth, how to streamline processes, identify productivity levels among staff and suppliers, monitor cash flow and project profitability, among other ways. While managers can use the actionable insights to determine the most effective strategies to improve individual projects, BI allows Executives to see the bigger picture, funneling all of the facts from across the portfolio of projects to make crucial operational decisions.

5: Managing financial success 

Business Intelligence offers a real-time picture of a project’s financial risk, cost variance, cash position, change orders, AR retainage, AP aging and profitability of the job. Top-notch BI allows project managers to drill all the way down to individual transactions to get instant answers to money-saving opportunities and cost concerns. By examining incoming and outgoing finances of the present and past, construction companies can make decisions based on future financial status. Breaking down costs by job give project managers the information that is relative to them. Customizing the BI dashboard allows project managers to track key performance indicators (KPIs) that enable effective financial oversight and management.

Aktion Analytics business intelligence for construction professionals makes it easier for project managers to access the information they need to better understand their project’s past and present performance in order to make the right decisions to increase the chances of success in the future. Companies will be better positioned to make successful strategic decisions when they analyze data and monitor critical business operations from a single source of truth.

To learn more about the value of business intelligence for your construction business, download this white paper.

Infor Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software provides a clear view of every customer touch point across an organization’s sales, marketing, customer service, and support teams.

Join Aktion’s Scott Smallbeck for a half-hour live webinar as he dives into detail how you can bring your Sales and Marketing teams better together inside of an Infor native CRM platform.

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Wholesale distributors know that to beat the competition they need a competitive edge to increase sales and productivity. This edge can be achieved by simply having happy customers. Making the creation and retention of happy customers is the most valuable asset a successful distributor can have.

Learn how to streamline customer satisfaction with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. CRM software like Infor CRM can easily integrate into your Infor A+, FACTS, or CloudSuite Distribution (SX.e) solution to optimize interactions with both current and potential customers alike.

This webinar will show how a CRM can help you:

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