Are you one of the 39% of construction companies that have had to turn down work because of the labor shortage?  Contractors are doing what they can to combat these issues by fueling their processes with HR technology.

Reducing manual, paper, and data entry tasks frees time to address the more significant workforce issue. By freeing time to focus on direct recruitment of new workers and training, firms can often take matters into their own hands and create a talent pipeline to help combat the shortage.

Join Sage and our partner Arcoro to learn how integrating your accounting software with your people data can help you hire, manage, and grow employees.

In this session, Bryan May from Arcoro and Jeramiah McNicholas from Sage will cover:

Attend the entire session, and lunch is on us!

Join us to see how Arcoro will help you keep construction crews and projects on track.

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When most people think of “legacy” and how it relates to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software terms like “outdated” or “lacking features” tend to be synonymous. However, this isn’t always the case with legacy ERP systems. If you’re on the latest version of your software and still missing important features, you can supplement functionality with independent software vendor (ISV) solutions. These ISV solutions can bridge the gaps in your legacy ERP to give you access to next-generation features.

Before you read any further reference to my previous blog post titled, “Legacy vs. Next-Gen ERP: Should I Stay, or Should I Go?” if you are considering a move to a next-gen modern ERP solution like Infor CloudSuite Distribution (CSD). This quick read will provide you with the knowledge to make a more educated decision on whether you should stay on your legacy ERP or go to a next-gen ERP.


Top Three ISV Solution Integrations for Distributors
If you decide you’re going to continue to use your legacy ERP and want to modernize by adding an ISV, you may not be sure where to start. The ISV landscape is saturated with solutions of all kinds from Sales Tax Compliance to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and everything in between. To help you navigate the treacherous terrain of ISV software we conducted a survey where legacy ERP distributors were asked which types of ISV solutions they use. From that survey, we’ve ranked the top three types of ISV integrations for distributors.


#3: Document Management
Competitive distributors need to manage their entire supply chain quickly and effectively. One major disruption in your supply chain could potentially derail your entire business. Fortunately, a document management solution is a cost-effective way to improve logistics, distribution, and warehouse operations that can help your business grow.


#2: Business Intelligence (BI)
In today’s always-on, always-connected world, data is being delivered at such a fast pace that it’s easy to succumb to information overload. Don’t let information overload prevent you from losing out on data-driven revenue. Business intelligence provides real-time insights into supply chain risks and oddities allowing you to identify and resolve potential problems before they become a situation to make better business decisions faster.


#1: Ecommerce
B2B ecommerce in the distribution industry has been developing at a steady pace for years but skyrocketed in what seems like overnight due to the pandemic. Distributors that didn’t have a B2B ecommerce plan in place had to quickly adapt or were put at risk of large revenue losses due to more online transactions being made than ever before. An ecommerce solution allows your B2B customers to interact in an easy-to-use, familiar online experience like B2C ecommerce storefronts how they want, when they want in their day-to-day lives.


Which ISV Solution is Right for Me?
Choosing the right ISV solution that will provide the most ROI is an important step to modernize your legacy ERP. Just make sure before you sign on the dotted line that your current legacy ERP version and hardware meet the ISV solution’s requirements. Ultimately the ISV solution you choose will help bridge the gaps in your legacy ERP and add functionality to continue using it for years to come.
If you’re interested in learning more about proven ISV solutions that have been integrated into your legacy ERP before contact us to receive a full list of proven ISV solutions for distributors.

Drive positive change your team needs with access to metrics that matter most to your business. Join Brian Friedle, VP of Business Development at White Cup to find out how MITS BI for Distributors can easily integrate with your Infor solution and put metrics that matter in front of your team.


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Assignar is the premiere Field Operations Management Solution. With multiple integrations such as Acumatica and Sage Construction and Real Estate, Assignar is a a cloud-based platform developed to help self-perform contractors and subcontractors optimize operations.

Join us to see how Assignar can help you improve productivity, profitability, safety, and quality in the field & office.

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Do you have a tax strategy for 2022? With new channels, products, staffing, and supply chain adjustments, manufacturers and distributors have to continually adapt to these changes while also navigating a complex web of government regulations to stay in compliance. Join us as our partners at Avalara explain what you need to know about the latest changes in tax policies and how they will impact your tax obligations in 2022.

We’ll cover:


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Your sales team is always on the go working to close as many deals as possible. However, while on the go they may not have access to important information that could make the difference in closing some of their biggest deals.

Give your sales team a clear view of every touchpoint across an organization with Infor Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Join Aktion’s Scott Smallbeck for a half-hour live webinar as he dives into how you can better enable your mobile sales team inside of an Infor native CRM platform.

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January 28th is National Data Privacy Day. Join Aktion and the TUG Community for a 30-minute webinar focusing on threat identification, the importance of cybersecurity insurance, and security solution options.


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Is your accounting department up to speed with current processes? Manual procedures can slow companies down and are prone to human error. These traditional processes were effective for years, but now cause you to struggle to keep pace today.

Accounts payable (AP) automation software allows you to easily manage both invoice and payment processing through a single digital platform.

Reduce invoice processing costs and improve operational efficiency with UnForm. Join us for a webinar to explore the benefits of AP automation through UnForm and find out if it’s a good fit for your business.

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Give customers the power to interact with your business how they want, when they want, with a modern experience that integrates with Infor Distribution ERPs.

Optimizely (Episerver) B2B Commerce Cloud by Insite is a powerful all-in-one solution designed to modernize and improve your website including advanced search capabilities and SEO results.

Learn how Optimizely can optimize your customers online experience in this free 30-minute webinar presented by Scott Keske.

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Research has shown companies that deliver great buying experiences grow twice as fast as companies that provide “average” experiences. But are your data silos preventing your sales team from personalizing their customers’ buying experience or bottle necking their insights into customer behavior?

Pulling customer data shouldn’t be like pulling teeth. Join us for a webinar to find out 3 easy ways distributors can use data to drive revenue.

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