More and more construction businesses and building professionals are moving to the cloud to meet the demands of an expanding mobile workforce. People don’t want to be restrained to a physical location or a desktop anymore.


By taking advantage of cloud technology critical business applications like Sage 100 Contractor, Sage 300 CRE, and Sage Estimating can be accessed anywhere, anytime with an internet connection. Find out how contractors and project managers alike can increase productivity, improve team collaboration, and help drive business towards new levels of growth and competitiveness.


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Construction and the Cloud: Building a Future with Real-time Data

While information is harnessed more effectively now than ever before, critical business and project data is constantly falling through the cracks left behind by disconnected solutions. Joining Sage 100 Contractor and Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate, our latest innovation, Sage Intacct Construction, is a native-cloud construction financial management solution with an open-API architecture that fosters integration between technologies to reduce manual data reentry and provide stakeholders a single source of the truth.

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Streamline document management with Sage Paperless Construction.

With Sage Paperless added to your current Sage solution, documents are stored electronically so workflow automation and document distribution is easy and fast. Less paperwork means time spent looking for important paperwork and more time spent on developing customer relationships. Join us to see how Sage Paperless simplifies your construction document management across the board.


Capture Job Time and RFIs with Sage Field Operations for Sage 300CRE. In this webinar you will learn how Sage Field Operations solution can help you:

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Manage Expenses with the new Credit Card Transactions Importer

Come see the new and improved Credit Card Transaction Importer for Sage Paperless Construction. Match receipts to credit transactions, apply transactions to existing invoices, and much more! Read a great Sage Paperless Construction success story here.

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Exciting updates from Sage Construction and Real Estate Leadership

Aktion and Sage fundamentally believe in providing our customers the power of choice when it comes to what platform and technology works best for your organization and what tools are best for your business. During this special webinar, you’ll hear from Dustin Anderson, Sage Vice President of Construction and Real Estate, as he explains what this looks like for our customers both now and into the future. We will touch on the exciting release of Sage Intacct Construction and dive into the power and depth of the existing Sage construction applications.

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See how Liberty Reports transforms Excel.

During this online presentation of Liberty Reports, learn how Excel can be transformed into an intuitive and powerful report designer for Sage 100 Contractor. Learn how to produce reports such as Job Cost Cash Flow with 12 Month Trend, Job Summary Report by Phase, Cost Code, and Type, Project Manager Weekly Job Summary, Work in Progress, Job Cost Forecast by Cost Code, Financials And More!

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Go paperless with Sage Paperless Construction

Digital content management systems are a great way to reduce paperwork and administrative overhead for your company. This includes scanning, automating, routing, and administering these documents to your users in the office or in the field. Sage Paperless Construction can streamline document approval systems and efficiently retrieve company documentation. Join us as we examine key features in Sage Paperless for your back office and users in the field.

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Intro to Sage Office Connector – Importing data from Excel to Sage

During this informative presentation you’ll get a comprehensive overview of Sage Office Connector Import, how users can harness their knowledge of Excel to create import files that feed directly to the Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate database. Empowering the user to manage data in Excel based, saving time for your business.

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Why did the alert emails stop?

In early 2019, Sage announced they would no longer send notifications to customers regarding new product releases and alerts via email as they have done in the past.  Sage sent out alerts that all customers who wished to continue to receive these notifications must go to Sage City to sign up for the product(s) they wish to be notified on.  Sage City is the official community of Sage for customers to learn about their products and to interact with others in the Sage community.

How to subscribe

  1. Go to Sage City at
  2. Click the user icon in the upper right-hand corner. If you are already signed in, your profile picture displays instead of the icon. Skip to step 4. If you are not signed in and you already have a portal account or Sage City account, enter your user name and password, then click Sign in. Skip to step 4.
  3. If you do not have an existing portal account or Sage City account, select Join here, then fill out the requested information, and click Join now.
  4. Hover over Support Groups and select your country.
  5. Select the Sage Construction & Real Estate product.
  6. Select Forums then any of the forums that you’re interested in receiving updates about:
    a. Sage 300 CRE Announcements, News, and Alerts.
    b. Sage 100 Contractor Announcements, News, and Alerts.
    c. Sage Estimating Announcements, News, and Alerts.
  7. Click More on the right-hand side, then select Turn Forum notifications on.

Still have questions about “Why am I no longer getting notification emails from Sage?” Aktion can help. Contact your Aktion Support Specialist or email me at