Find out why Infor CloudSuite Distribution ERP is the most innovative, complete, and modern solution built specifically for the needs of the evolving distribution industry.


Register for a 30-minute webinar hosted by Aktion Associates and Infor. This interactive event is your opportunity to engage with Infor product experts, see a brief demo and ask questions about Infor CloudSuite Distribution.


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Your sales team is always on the go working to close as many deals as possible. However, while on the go they may not have access to important information that could make the difference in closing some of their biggest deals.

Give your sales team a clear view of every touch point across an organization with Infor Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Join Aktion’s Scott Smallbeck for a half-hour live webinar as he dives into how you can better enable your mobile sales team inside of an Infor native CRM platform.

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A+ users are often looking for solutions that can give them additional functionality. Some of these solutions are from Infor, but more often lately they have been from third-parties.

To gain more insight into what third-party solutions A+ users are implementing Aktion Associates, in conjunction with TUG ( developed and executed a survey polling many A+ customers.

Join Aktion’s A+ Practice Manager, Phil Maehr as he reviews and discusses the survey’s findings.

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Wholesale distributors know that to beat the competition they need a competitive edge to increase sales and productivity. This edge can be achieved by simply having happy customers. Making the creation and retention of happy customers is the most valuable asset a successful distributor can have.

Learn how to streamline customer satisfaction with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. CRM software like Infor CRM can easily integrate into your Infor A+, FACTS, or CloudSuite Distribution (SX.e) solution to optimize interactions with both current and potential customers alike.

This webinar will show how a CRM can help you:

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