Deltek Cloud Migration

Clear Your Path to Future Success, Savings, and Security by Migrating To The Cloud

By combining our deep knowledge of Deltek Vision with our extensive technical expertise, we’ve become the industry’s go-to consultant for Vision data migration. Whether you need the migration from a legacy product, legacy products, an older version of Deltek Vision, or as the result of a merger or acquisition, we can combine the data seamlessly with minimal disruption.

Aktion can help outline the best Vantagepoint migration path for your firm, using our proven process.

When you’re ready to migrate to Deltek’s newest Cloud-based platform, Deltek Vantagepoint, we can help you with the best way to get there. We offer a 5-step Migration Preparation process that outlines the optimal migration path for you, based on your database structure, hardware, workflows and company culture.

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