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Sage EstimatingConstruction estimating software can make a real difference to your bottom line. Trusted by more construction firms than any other, Sage Estimating has more than 25 years of industry know-how built right in. See how you can create more accurate estimates in less time while increasing your bid-to-win ratio. Whether stand-alone or integrated with the Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate or Sage 100 Contractor construction accounting and project management solutions, Sage Estimating is designed specifically for the construction and real estate industries, unlike generic spreadsheet applications.

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Manual takeoff methods waste time and money. Aktion’s Thom Spalding demonstrates the ways an eTakeoff digital solution speeds up and simplifies. Takeoff areas, lengths, perimeters, and counts as much as 50% faster with pinpoint accuracy. This ensures your jobs are more profitable, and leaves more time for more bids, which boosts your backlog without increasing staff or costs.


With eTakeoff, quickly calculate and transfer project dimensions including lengths, areas, and volumes directly to Sage Estimating. Get the ability to create accurate estimates without ever needing to pore over bulky blueprints.

Put your best bid forward.

To win more work and ensure the profitability of every project, you have to build estimates with more speed and precision than ever before. Let Sage Estimating do the heavy lifting for you. With features like trade-specific databases, Smart Assemblies, and built-in analysis tools you’ll build more bids with quick precision.

Plus, you can integrate estimating with the rest of your business.

Sage Estimating works in tandem with job cost and accounting in Sage business management software. Then, once a bid is approved, the appropriate data feeds seamlessly from estimating to accounting and job cost. No data loss. No redundant entry. As a result, it’s easier to share project details with your entire team.


Speed Comes Easy

Sage Estimating eliminates the drudgery associated with complex calculations and manual, repetitive, and routine estimating tasks. Key features that help you build bids quicker include:

  • Smart Assemblies guide you through takeoff as the system automatically
    calculates costs associated with materials, labor, supplies and equipment.
  • Trade-specific databases provide a quick and easy method for you to add
    cost items into your bid worksheet.
  • Multiple takeoff methods offer flexibility and adaption to your preferred
    style of estimating including digital plan takeoff.
  • Estimating Management Console is a central hub or location for managing
    a variety of system administrative tasks such as security (roles and permissions)
    and much more.
  • Built-in report writing capabilities helps generate organized, professional
    reports in seconds.


Benefits of Sage Estimating


  • Slash takeoff time by 50% or more compared to manual or generic spreadsheet methods.


  • Save time on estimate analysis with built-in sort capabilities.


  • Refine and make last minute pricing adjustments with a few mouse clicks.


  • Eliminate generic spreadsheet liabilities associated with hidden cells and broken formulas.


Are You Ready to Upgrade to Sage SQL Estimating?

The newest version of Sage Estimating (formerly “Timberline Estimating”) is MS-SQL compatible and is packed full of new capabilities.

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Join Thom Spalding for a Full Demo on Sage Estimating Software and Aktion Associates

Join Aktion Associate’s very own Thom Spalding as he guides you through the best features of Sage Estimating.

Build and manage your bidder lists more effectively. Save time putting bids together and efficiently submit a proposal on time. Keep track of communications throughout the entire process and share/track changes throughout the entire bidding process.


With Sage Bid Management you’ll experience true collaboration between everyone on the project including estimators, subcontractors, and material suppliers. The solution helps estimators and bid coordinators automate and more efficiently manage the entire bid process. As a result, estimators can spend more time on vendor/subcontractor, prequalification, selection and negotiating the best contract terms.


Information can be viewed, accessed, and shared with bidders from a single, convenient, and secure online location.


With improved visibility into project documentation, you’ll gain better control throughout the preconstruction phase of every project—laying the foundation for successful and profitable projects.


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Our comprehensive estimating consulting services provide the best results when implementing your Sage Estimating software. Learn from our experts how to streamline the implementation and get the most out of your investment.

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