ROI Analysis for an ERP Replacement

Hurdles to Benefits

Measuring benefits can be problematic because many of the indirect benefits are difficult to quantify. They can be difficult to separate out as the result of the investment and not something that might have occurred without the ERP replacement.

Baseline Measurement

Measuring success is made more difficult by a lack of baseline measurements. If you expect a decrease in inventory or an improvement in productivity, for example, you can’t measure your success if you don’t know what those levels were before you made the investment. And it is important to measure success, not only to document the outcome of the investment, but also to measure progress and manage the project effectively.


ROI analysis is almost always a requirement to get the project funded – it provides the justification that company decision-makers need. This peek into the future can provide a framework for the project team as well as the CEO and the board to monitor progress and steer the project to successful completion.

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This whitepaper is for companies considering an ERP replacement looking to justify the investment in new technology. This paper will provide methods to identify and define the full spectrum of costs and benefits associated with an ERP implementation, as well as the calculations needed to determine a true return on investment analysis.

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