Step-by-step CRM Data Analytics for Sales Teams

Go Beyond Metrics

Every sales team needs analytics. You’re probably already tracking pipeline and performance metrics, and that’s a great start. However, if you don’t have an analytics solution in place, you lack the ability to go deeper—to gain actionable insights into your business and make the changes you need to improve results all along the sales process.

What Sales Metrics to Measure?

Metrics That Motivate

The key here is to identify which sales metrics have the most meaning for your sales team and if and how those sales metrics can be used to positively influence team members’ behavior. In other words, will the metrics you’ve chosen motivate team members to try and improve those metrics?

Metrics that Illustrate Business Health

And, of course, there are some basic sales metrics, beyond revenue, that every sales team should be on top of. You’re probably measuring some of them already.

Want to Learn More?

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