Aberdeen Report: ERP’s Role in the Modern Manufacturer

Fluctuation within the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is in a state of change. New business and production models, industry standards, best practices, and technology have enabled top performing manufacturers to separate themselves from the rest of the pack. To support manufacturing change and provide a platform for innovation, forward-thinking manufacturers have adopted a series of technologies, including cloud, analytics, and the Internet of Things. The result is an ability to combine intelligent automation with analytics, enabling a more productive and efficient manufacturing environment.

Manufacturing Industry 4.0

These changes, collectively referred to as Industry 4.0, are absolutely necessary to compete in the current environment. Those that don’t act are going to be left behind.

Adapting to the Changing Manufacturing Environment

But for many manufacturers, integrating these changes into ongoing operations has proven difficult. As the software foundation for manufacturing success, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions are the natural fit for facilitating these essential changes. This report uncovers how your organization can utilize ERP as the foundation for innovation in the new manufacturing environment.

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