Digital Strategy in the Distribution Industry

Distributors Investing in the Future

Although some distributors still lag in technology investments, more recognize the need to upgrade their technology platforms, according to the results from the MDM-Infor® survey on digital strategy in distribution. Most plan to invest, but there’s still a disconnect between expectations and approach.

Overall Approach to Digital Strategy

  • 31% – have a comprehensive digital strategy that includes all types of software and solutions
  • 54% – of respondents maintain a general approach to their digital strategies
  • 15% – consider digital upgrades only as they become necessary

Technology Simply Can’t be an Afterthought

Technology must be a part of a company’s overall strategy because it now plays a role in nearly every aspect of a business. Download the report to read more about the results from the MDM-Infor survey on digital strategy in distribution.

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More distributors recognize the need for technology to be a part of a company's overall strategy. Read this report to learn more about about creating a digital strategy in distribution.