Better estimates by every measure

Sage Estimating is powered by trade-specific cost databases, enabling you to turbo-charge takeoffs and final proposals. Input your own costs into a prebuilt database or choose a database prepopulated with costs. When your proposal is accepted, information flows automatically to Job Cost in Sage business management software, eliminating redundant tasks, data entry errors, and omissions.

A new day in construction has dawned.

It’s tougher than ever out there. Margins are razor-thin. Schedules are ultra-aggressive. You compete against more firms on every bid. To win more work and ensure the profitability of every project, you have to build estimates with more speed and precision than ever before. One thing is certain: Yesterday’s estimating methods will no longer cut it. Sage Estimating provides a smarter, automated way to estimate. Takeoffs are faster. Final proposals are more professional. Plus it works in tandem with Sage business management software, so once a bid is accepted, information flows automatically to accounting and job cost. By eliminating redundant data-entry and error-prone processes, Sage Estimating helps projects run efficiently from initial estimate to project completion. Quite simply, it’s better estimates by every measure.

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