Viewpoint Estimating – Electrical Contractors Brochure

Viewpoint Estimating

Estimating: Tailored to Your Trade

Viewpoint MEP Estimating is tailored to the needs of electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and HVAC contractors, which helps lower costs associated with estimating and winning jobs. The solution performs calculations and extensions automatically, and includes multi-level breakouts, comprehensive databases, and reporting functions.

And by tying together estimates, labor needs, and cost analysis, MEP Estimating allows you to produce professional estimates and reports quickly and easily.


Electrical Estimating

MEP Estimating is tailored with capabilities designed specifically for electrical contractors, allowing you to automate the bidding process, lower costs associated with bidding, and, most important, win jobs. Benefits include streamlined takeoff, a new level of control and productivity, and real-time pricing.


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