Sage Estimating SQL Getting Started Guide

If you are new to Sage Estimating, or you want to know how to use this new release, read this booklet to find out how Sage Estimating can help you create, organize, manage, and analyze hundreds of estimates.

This guide covers

  • Learning Basic Concepts
  • Creating a New Estimate—learn how to create a new estimate.
  • Performing Takeoff—instructions for copying information from a standard database into an estimate.
  • Working with the Spreadsheet—learn how to navigate the Sage Estimating spreadsheet.
  • Printing Reports—learn how to prepare and print reports.
  • Using Address Book—learn how to set up the Estimating Management Console Address Book to store contact information.
  • Advanced Features—learn how to use advanced Sage Estimating features.
  • And best of all – How to get help and some useful contact information


Download “Sage SQL Estimating Getting Started”