Modern Domino Web Development | On Demand

IBM Silver Business Partner 2017

Do you have applications for Notes clients that you want to make available to browsers on PCs and mobile devices, existing Domino web applications that require a new up-to-date user interface or improvements in performance, or a need to create new web applications? Do you want to reduce your reliance on the Notes client?


The Domino Xpages programming model allows developers to use modern web development languages and standards to create responsive applications that adjust automatically to the size of the user’s screen. While Xpages applications run on the Domino server, the data can reside in Domino databases or can be read directly from relational databases and other data sources such as DB2, MS SQL, mySQL, and Oracle. There’s often no need to store data on the Domino server.


Maximize your investment in Domino by utilizing Xpages to make applications more readily available to remote employees and road warriors. Watch for an overview of Xpages and a demo of Xpages applications developed by Aktion Associates.


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