IBM and Infor Webcast Embrace Digital Transformation

IBM Silver Business Partner 2017

Stand out from the competition by differentiating in new and unexpected ways.

Is your company grappling with the need to upgrade your technology platforms and/or ERP software? You plan to invest, but there’s a disconnect between expectations and approach. You need to find the balance between your corporate vision, how you’ll differentiate, and how technology can help you achieve your goals. There are solutions that can play a role and solve your challenges in nearly every aspect of business. Watch this on-demand webcast to hear more about these solutions and other strategies you can use to successfully embrace digital transformation and transform your business.


  • Demystifying digital strategy
  • Seven steps to building a comprehensive digital strategy
  • Customer engagement: The rise of experience
  • Operational efficiency: The age of connected intelligence
  • Employee engagement: The changing workforce

Remain ahead of the curve with a digital strategy built for the next generation.


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