Aktion Infor Solutions for BMAT Distributor Overview

Building materials (BMAT) distributors like you face tight margins with increasingly complicated inventories, seasonal products, and the fluctuating demands of building contractors. In addition, the distribution environment continues to change, moving from a set of basic, reactive relationships to a dynamic network of supply and demand-with you as the intermediary. To meet these challenges, you need solutions that will help you simplify your process by untangling the knots in your supply chain and make it easier to manage complicated products, dimension variances, and fleet scheduling. And you need to do this while optimizing your resources, lowering costs, and improving revenue. With market-leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) and product configuration capabilities, InforĀ® has years of experience helping BMAT distributors meet their toughest challenges. Infor has the business and technology solutions you need to better manage your costs, improve your bottom line, and grow your business.


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