Aktion Associates Announces Partnership with Viewpoint

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Aktion Associates Is Proud To Announce Its Partnership with Viewpoint

Aktion has focused on reselling industry leading software to the construction industry by partnering with several software suppliers over the past three decades. Since 1985, a number of different software suppliers have earned the title of industry leader in the construction industry, primarily solutions that have a focus on job cost accounting. As Aktion strives to be one of the top value-added resellers in the country for the construction industry, we continue to evaluate software options available. New cloud-based providers have entered the market and several legacy providers have successfully modernized their existing proven applications. This has provided a new era of choice for construction companies looking to modernize their back office accounting applications in this ever-changing cloud world.

The technology landscape and the increased demands of the construction industry for information has changed significantly over the past 10 years. As a result, Aktion surveyed software solutions for the construction industry in 2017 and entered into a partner agreement with Viewpoint Software in January of 2018.

With Viewpoint and its complete product lineup of Vista, Spectrum, and Team/Field mobile project management applications, Aktion is once again, positioned to provide industry leading software for the construction industry. This new partnership gives us the ability to service the entire industry which spans the general construction, specialty trades, and heavy equipment sectors. We understand that software requirements are different for each vertical and that needs change as companies grow. Viewpoint’s products allow Aktion to serve the entire construction market and scale with our customers as their requirements and revenues grow.

We continue to serve a loyal base of over 3,500 Sage construction customers and most feel that Sage continues to meet their existing job cost accounting requirements. Sage has developed add-on products to extend their core applications, particularly in the areas of service, project management, CRM, document imaging, and mobile solutions. For many of our customers, changing their back office accounting system is a project they would prefer to avoid and we will continue to support these customers for as long as they choose to use the product. When a customer does choose to migrate to a new system, we once again can provide our customers with industry leading options.

Our relationship with our construction customers goes deeper than software. We have a collection of 100 industry application consultants, network, and software engineers. Our goal is to earn their confidence as a trusted advisor. Aktion has invested in data centers so our clients can chose to move workloads from on their premises to our private cloud, allowing them to simplify their IT Infrastructure.

As we plan for the future, Aktion’s objectives will continue to focus on providing best-of-breed software applications, industry-leading consulting talent, and modern IT infrastructure to meet the technology needs of the construction industry.

Thank you for your continued confidence and support over the years.

Aktion Associates, Inc.