Are you looking for a way to enhance your reporting and budgeting capabilities with Acumatica? Do you want to leverage the power and flexibility of Excel without sacrificing the accuracy and security of your data? If so, watch our on-demand webinar where we will show you how Velixo can help you achieve your goals.

In this video, you will learn how Velixo can be used to automate your business, with the goal to save significant time and money and improve your decision-making processes.


Watch the on-demand webinar focusing on effective project management strategies and tools. In this session, we dive into key topics such as:


Warehousing in any industry is challenging because it requires full product traceability with very tight margins.  You need a variety of methods to store and ship your product to your customers. Infor WMS is a world leader in warehouse management and is a flexible solution for those looking to reduce costs and drive warehouse efficiencies.

A+ customers have learned that as we move into a digital landscape, the need to constantly adapt is paramount. Your business needs an ERP that is modern, intuitive, and has an easy-to-use interface that helps your users work smarter and faster. Infor CloudSuite Distribution is designed specifically for wholesale distributors by providing deep micro-vertical functionality and powered by modern technology. 

Download our latest On-Demand webinar with Aktion Industry Expert Rob Dallas and successfully navigate this new digital revolution and move your business forward.

Distributors, you are well aware that QuickBooks has served as a reliable accounting software for your organization. However, as your business continues to grow and evolve, it’s essential to evaluate whether your current tools are equipped to support your expanding needs. With Infor CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise’s cloud technology and full range of features such as innovative scalability options, unified platform across multiple channels with greater synchronization flexibility.

View our latest On-Demand webinar and find out why Infor CloudSuite Distribution ERP is winning over QuickBooks.

Industrial distributors face intense pressure to adapt to a rapidly changing industry. The imperative to embrace new technologies for the transformation and protection of profit margins, while remaining competitive, is crucial for success.

Attendees will learn how CloudSuite Distribution can:

Hosted by Aktion’s Rob Dallas, we invite you to join us for this informational On-Demand webinar to find out why Industrial Distributors choose Infor CloudSuite Distribution.

Older ERP systems that are siloed and not integrated with other business-critical systems are inhibiting business growth. Modern Distributors are moving to Infor CloudSuite Distribution, the true cloud-based ERP that delivers operational excellence across the entire supply chain. 

In this informative On-Demand webinar, we’ll cover in detail why CloudSuite Distribution ERP is the preferred choice for large wholesale distributors, highlighting the key benefits and features that make it a game-changer for businesses of this scale.


The User Maintenance Hub, when connected to Deltek Vantagepoint, is the ideal solution for handling your company’s user accounts. This adaptable tool is crafted to simplify various tedious tasks related to user maintenance.

Effortlessly eliminate users from the system, allocate personal items to different users, and examine and reassign recurring submissions. Additionally, you can utilize the copy grid settings feature to uphold a consistent grid column layout throughout the entire organization.


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The Master Service Agreement Hub is specially designed to provide the most comprehensive approach to managing, reviewing, and analyzing your master service agreements in Deltek Vantagepoint.

By consolidating the initial agreement details and associated projects in one location, you gain a comprehensive view of the entire agreement. The hub also offers real-time visibility into the overall contract amount, allowing you to compare used and contracted project amounts and quickly identify the remaining amount.


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The Fleet Maintenance Hub is the perfect solution for any organization using Deltek Vantagepoint that needs to keep track of its fleet. This powerful solution provides users with one-stop access to all vehicle information, including make, model, VIN, starting and ending mileage, and more.

The hub includes automated features to easily track starting and ending mileage, as well as lookups for project and phase tasks. Plus, it allows for simple communication between drivers and fleet coordinators through customized notifications.


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