Are you under pressure to close your books faster? You’re not alone. Sage gathered insights from surveying more than 1,400 finance and accounting professionals across 60+ industries which revealed that 93% of respondents are under pressure to close the books faster.

This infographic highlights the 5 strategies identified in Sage’s “2022 Sage Intacct Close the Books Survey” that can lead to a faster and more accurate close.

Acumatica ERP, with embedded CRM, makes great first impressions and turns them into lasting customer relationships. Acumatica promotes growth by streamlining marketing, sales, and support. Productivity soars as employees focus on strategic and customer-facing work while real-time dashboards keep KPIs on track. This Acumatica infographic illustrates how you can gain efficiency and advance revenue goals.

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution delivers a holistic business management suite with powerful automation and flexible configuration options. Acumatica’s future-proof platform optimizes ongoing operations with extensive capabilities, a mobile platform built for emerging technologies, and rapid development tools to support future needs. This Acumatica infographic illustrates how you can transform your business with a Modern ERP Application.

Direct Deltek access and fast, flexible support.

Aktion has an environment designed, maintained, staffed and supported by knowledgeable engineers with extensive expertise in Deltek software.

Review the free infographic and find out the top 10 reasons you should consider cloud hosting your Deltek software with Aktion.

See why wholesale distributors, retailers and eCommerce businesses depend on role-based ERP software to manage every aspect of their operations. With Acumatica, you get best-in-class financials, robust inventory, flexible order management and native retail and commerce storefront connectors. Streamline operations and connect your people, processes and data across the entire organization. This Acumatica infographic illustrates the ways that wholesale distributors and retailers like you use this powerful ERP software to manage and consolidate omnichannel sales orders.

Discover why discrete and process manufacturers need configurable workflows and the ability to create views based on each user’s role in the operation. Acumatica Manufacturing Edition empowers your teams with role-based dashboards, configurable workflows and personalized applications.

Learn how you can drive growth, reduce costs and improve quality while giving your customers an extraordinary experience. Check out this Acumatica infographic that illustrates the ways you can streamline operations with a modern ERP platform.

Sage Intacct Construction can help you streamline your planning and budgeting process. With its ease of use and powerful functionality, Intacct gives you the ability to plan strategically, drill down into budgets and forecast for better decision-making. Learn how to add agility to how you plan and budget with this attractive Sage Intacct Construction infographic.

ExakTime from Arcoro helps keep construction companies compliant even when employees are scattered across multiple job sites. Risks are commonplace in every industry but in construction, the stakes are higher. Get this infographic from ExakTime called The 5 Most Common Wage and Hour Compliance Risks You Need to Know to learn more.

Intelligent reporting helps your team make decisions based on real data. The powerful Acumatica ERP platform brings you personalized reports for each user. This means problems get resolved faster and profits will soar.

Read this infographic from Acumatica titled “9 Ways Intelligent Reporting Increases Profitability” to learn more.

The entry-level software that helped make your construction business better might be the thing that’s now slowing it down. More and more midsize construction companies are looking to replace that basic accounting solution with cloud-based financial management software. Waiting too long to modernize can turn into a real domino effect, one domino falling after another, all pointing to the need to upgrade.

This infographic illustrates the domino effect and how waiting too long can impact your business.