Sage BidMatrix is a cloud-based bid analysis tool designed to facilitate quick and confident bid closure. It eliminates uncertainty by instantly analyzing intricate subcontractor and vendor bids in construction estimates. With multi-user functionality, it allows for effortless collaboration from any location. Sage BidMatrix simplifies the complexities of managing inclusions and exclusions, identifying vulnerable areas, and mitigating risks. Additionally, it provides a comprehensive audit trail of all additions and modifications within each bid package.

Read this brochure to learn how this powerful solution can improve your win rates and profit margins.

Sage Construction Management for Sage 300 CRE is a comprehensive solution for all construction management needs.  It facilitates streamlined construction operations from pre-construction to project management to finance.  This integration ensures consistency of critical data such as job cost codes, estimates, and contracts across both platforms. This brochure provides detailed information about data synchronization between the systems, including contact management, projects, contracts, procurement, accounts payable, payment processing, and more.

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Sage Construction Management, combined with Sage 100 Contractor, streamlines the entire construction process from the initial pre-construction phase through to project management and financial oversight. This integration ensures consistency of critical data like job cost codes, estimates, and contracts across both platforms. This brochure provides detailed information about the seamless data synchronization between the systems, including contact management, project oversight, contract administration, procurement, accounts payable, payment processing, and more.

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AP Automation for Architects and Engineers on Deltek Vantagepoint

TimberScan Titanium for Deltek Vantagepoint automates every aspect of the accounts payable process including data entry, approvals and reporting. TimberScan eliminates manual-processing risks and digitizes approvals to help avoid costly delays— all in a manner that matches the way your business works.

Simple to use and quick to implement, TimberScan Titanium was developed for seamless integration with Deltek Vantagepoint.  Learn about the benefits with this brochure.

Enriched content, also known as commerce-enabled content, features enhanced, unique product information that is more searchable and desirable for online buyers. Enriched content enables you to stand out from the crowd because it helps attract more people to your site and gives them everything they need to make an informed purchasing decision.


Read on to understand more about today’s digital-savvy B2B customer and how your online content plays a huge role in driving their interest, engagement, and purchases with your company.

Enriched product content is the heart of successful eCommerce. It fuels the customer experience and grows revenue.  The Unilog solution of connected suites of solutions helps wholesale distributors, manufacturers and specialty retailers sell more, stay relevant and reduce cost to serve.


Read this brochure to learn how high-quality product content adds huge value to your business and reduce internal operational costs and grow your eCommerce business.

Cyberattacks and data breaches are on the rise in both frequency and cost. These incidents aren’t merely bothersome; they possess the potential to shut down your business entirely. Cyber Liability Insurance serves as a safety net, aiding your business in bouncing back from the financial blows inflicted by such attacks.

When purchasing cyber security insurance, your provider will outline precise protocols for minimizing potential harm. Aktion can assist in implementing proactive measures and protocols within your organization to uphold policy requirements. Additionally, we can educate your employees on preventive measures, safeguarding both themselves and your organization.

Aktion is ready to assist you from start to secure.  Download this brochure for guidelines on the first steps in obtaining Cyber Liability Insurance.

The evolution of technology has dramatically transformed the operational landscape of modern companies, making processes more efficient and boosting return on investment (ROI). In a competitive market, it’s essential for companies to leverage technology to maintain and enhance their success.

The Aktion UltimatePLUS plan is designed to provide comprehensive remote IT support and management at a fixed monthly cost, offering a simple solution that can either complement an existing IT department or serve as an all-in-one IT management solution.

To learn more about the Aktion UltimatePLUS Managed IT solution – download this brochure.

As your warehouse operations become more and more complex, investments in warehouse robotics and automation are growing.  The flexibility a modern Warehouse Management System can provide is no longer seen as science fiction.  Flexible integration built with active and passive connection access gives your organization the ability to add automation such as pick-to-light systems, conveyor systems, sortation systems, robotics, and more into your operations at your own pace.

The Infor WMS Automation Agent makes integration simple for many of your warehousing tasks.  Take a look at this brochure to see why more Infor clients are implementing a Infor WMS solution and enhancing their operations.

Worldwide e-commerce sales have been steadily increasing, but in the past few years have skyrocketed.  More and more consumers are seeing online shopping as their primary purchasing point.  With more companies looking to permanently adopt new fulfillment models it’s important to have the right solutions in place.


Take a look at these 5 steps for choosing the right warehouse management system from Infor and drive operational success.