Acumatica Retail-Commerce Edition gives retailers end-to-end functional depth. Simplify your workflows with one single back-office suite. Acumatica supports web and mail orders, telesales as well as in-store purchases. Learn why so many small and midsize businesses across retail, wholesale and manufacturing rely on Acumatica to delight and retain customers. The Acumatica Retail and eCommerce ERP offers customers a multi-channel ordering experience and a complete view of your business from order automation to fulfillment.

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Data can be at risk no matter where it is stored, from on-premise network to cloud environment, with compromise or breach as close as a single error from one of your users. The good news is that even though cyberattacks are increasing, security solutions have evolved. Now known as next-generation security solutions, they better protect you from cybercriminals.

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Finding and winning projects is how you position your firm to win. Deltek Vantagepoint helps you pursue the right projects, qualify them and nurture client relationships. Read this Deltek Vantagepoint brochure to learn how its built for the ways architecture and engineering firms work.

Streamline and accelerate your onboarding process with Deltek Talent Acquisition. This solution helps you turn recruiting into a strategic function so you never have to push a project date due to lack of resources.

Learn more about the key features within Deltek Talent Acquisition with this brochure. Explore other Deltek products on the Deltek Website.


Bigleaf is a new kind of networking foundation to deliver truly reliable internet connectivity for every application, every technology, every user, everywhere — over any ISP. By combining proven SD-WAN technology with groundbreaking AI software, Bigleaf classifies and prioritizes application traffic, and steers it around internet issues so it can reliably get to and from anywhere it needs to go, all without the need for policies or manual configurations.

With Bigleaf, you can finally enjoy the same reliable user experience for cloud and internet-technologies over the public Internet that you have for technologies hosted in your private LAN and WAN. Find out more about BigLeaf inside this short document.


The most successful businesses continue to overcome unexpected challenges by demonstrating agility in their approach to operations and technology. One of the most powerful tools available to enhance and maintain that flexibility is the incorporation of cloud platforms for key functions. Increased access, security, and reliability can all be achieved with the right cloud partners, connectivity, and modernized networks.

For organizations considering a move to the cloud, we have developed the Aktion Readiness Assessment to give insight into the state of their technology. Take the first step on your cloud journey with the Aktion Cloud Assessment.


The United States is #1 for cyberattacks and by the end of 2021 every 11 seconds there will be a new ransomware attack. With cybercrime on the rise SMBs are most at risk since they have limited resources devoted to cybersecurity. It’s time to take control your business-critical data safety from hackers with malicious intent.

The Aktion Managed Cloud Backup Service securely, reliably, and efficiently protects your organization’s critical data. Using proven, tested tools and methods, our backup architecture provides regular backups with customizable schedules, destinations, and retention. We also provide isolated replication of your data images, ensuring there are at least 3 copies in multiple geographical locations of a single point in time. This strategy adds a layer of redundancy and increases security from ransomware.

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Distributors that have their own delivery trucks need to optimize their fleet investment. They need a way to manage order delivery and capture a customer’s signature, as well as the time and location of delivery, preferably through a mobile device. Infor Distribution Proof of Delivery (POD) does all that.

Read this product brochure to find out if Infor Distribution Proof of Delivery is right for your business.


Sage Intacct Construction is a native cloud technology to future proof your business. Cloud technology is the future of the construction industry. A modern cloud platform provides you with flexibility and customization that you need to maintain control of all areas of your business. Cloud also means you save on hardware costs and IT investments producing a better ROI. Make the move to Sage Intacct Construction to get a best-in-class accounting solution with all the benefits of native cloud technology.

Learn more in this Sage Intacct Construction product sheet titled “Future Proof Your Technology with a Native Cloud Solution.”


Aktion has helped hundreds of Sage 100 Contractor users by building custom reports that connect directly to their data.

What are the benefits of these reports?

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