Acumatica Construction Edition is a comprehensive, modern cloud ERP application, with built-in CRM and Field Service modules and superior mobile technology, that arms construction companies with real-time information.  This software platform helps construction companies improve margins, control costs, manage projects, and gain insight to improve decision-making throughout the enterprise.

Read this brochure to learn how Acumatica Construction, an all-in-one ERP platform, connects every part of your business and arms you with real-time information.


Between market consolidation pressure from online retailers and manufacturers, distributors are finding it increasingly difficult to operate in the green. To stay competitive, you need to find ways to differentiate your business, while attracting and retaining customers.

Meet Infor Distribution, a complete suite of cloud-based software built for wholesale distributors by experts who understand your industry needs. Read this brochure to learn more about Infor’s industry-specific solutions that will support company growth for years to come.

If your current eCommerce website isn’t meeting customer needs they will resist adopting your digital presence or move on to a competitor’s site.

Launch a powerful, functional, and affordable eCommerce platform on time and on budget, with Unilog GO rapid deployment implementation program.

Read this short, one-page brochure providing an overview of Unilog’s exclusive eCommerce rapid implementation program, Unilog GO.

Aktion Associates’ decades of experience as a technology provider focused on the construction, distribution, manufacturing, and architectural engineering industries has afforded us unparalleled business application knowledge. Along with our nationally recognized business software consulting practices, we have been awarded high marks for excellence in our technology and managed services programs, as well as for our IT vendor relationships.

Aktion’s Managed Infrastructure and Cloud Services (MICS) division can provide solutions focused on hardware, security, monitoring, management, servers, storage, barcoding, and even desktops/laptops/tablets. Our decades of network engineering experience, combined with our longstanding expertise in the construction, distribution, manufacturing, and architectural engineering industries, make Aktion uniquely suited to providing IT partnerships.

Vantagepoint Intelligence provides an at-a-glance summary of the data important to your business so you can establish and monitor corporate goals, as well as identify when you need to proactively respond to changing conditions. Replace hours or collating data from multiple reports with interactive business intelligence to identify trends and make more informed decisions.

Download this brochure to learn how to make smarter, faster, and more effective decisions to drive your business forward.

Vantagepoint provides interactive dashboards and easy-to-use reports full of insight into the health of your business so you can focus on potential challenges and highlight success stories. Vantagepoint delivers faster and more accurate reporting and analysis so you can initiate discussions with key stakeholders when you spot a risk or opportunity and make more focused, impactful decisions.

Download this brochure to understand the story behind your data to drive business growth.

As a distributor data is often distributed across your entire tech stack including ERP, CRM and financial systems, making it difficult for decision-makers to quickly adjust and make data-driven decisions. Organize your data more effectively with business intelligence (BI).

Phocas for Distribution offers best-in-class data analytics to Acumatica and Infor Distribution ERP (CloudSuite Distribution, A+, FACTS, SX.e) users. Users are able to quickly create reports and dashboards empowering them to make better business decisions.

Learn more about what BI can do for your distribution business with this Phocas for Distribution product brochure.

Vantagepoint was designed with different requirements in mind and bundled into three suites in order to accommodate your unique needs. Whether you’re struggling to manage business development activities, schedule resources, invoice clients or accommodate complex project accounting, Vantagepoint has a solution to help you deliver more successful projects and grow your business.

Download this brochure to learn which Deltek Vantagepoint suite is right for your company.

Vantagepoint delivers complete visibility into every aspect of your project in one central projects hub from initial pursuit through closeout. With Vantagepoint, you can monitor project performance to avoid schedule and cost overruns; identify potential risks and make adjustments; collaborate across the entire project team; expedite invoices and deliver successful projects.

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The average human resources department today is taking on a larger strategic role, guiding business operations for their company. The Arcoro Core HR module helps HR professionals save time by automating essential tasks, reducing human errors, providing valuable insights and driving business results.

Download this datasheet to learn how you can automate and streamline your HR processes for maximum efficiency.