Aktion Associates is renowned as a development service provider that offers exceptional Java/J2EE programming services to suit the web and mobile application development requirements of our customers.


Our professional software engineering team specializing in java consulting for business, construction, manufacturing, distribution, and non-profits. We have been designing and building custom java applications for over 10 Years.


We specialize in java frameworks built and deployed upon open source technologies. Projects include work flow automation, financial transactions, multimedia, education, manufacturing automation, hardware & control systems, technical engineering, and more.

Why Java? 
Java is built into virtually every type of networked application and is the global standard for developing and delivering enterprise software, dynamic web applications, games and mobile applications. It enjoys a large and mature ecosystem with strong tools support. Delivers application portability and robust performance across many computing environments.


What Would You Like to Build Today?

Some examples of what we done with Java for some of our customers:

  • Build secure, portable, and high performance applications for a  wide range of computer platforms with Java SE
  • Create  advanced Java user interfaces (UI) for enterprise business
    applications with JavaFX platform
  • Build first-class enterprise applications with industry standard
    Java EE
  • Develop applications for a myriad of devices: embedded devices,
    resource- constrained devices, devices with server connections,
    desktop-class  systems, and mobile devices with Java Embedded and Java ME

Our development services include:

  • Technology consulting
  • Business analysis, software architecture design and prototyping
  • Application security consulting
  • Development from scratch
  • Improvements and refactoring of existing software
  • Systems integration
  • Migration to Java and web-enabling legacy applications
  • Deployment and configuration
  • Ongoing support and maintenance