Is It Time to Migrate to Sage Intacct for Construction?

March 31, 2021
Tarry Schabel

As a Sage reseller, I converse with CFO’s and other C-Level executives at construction companies on a pretty regular basis. And, as Sage Intacct for Construction continues new releases each quarter, I get asked the same question more and more often: Is it time for my company to migrate from Sage 300 to Sage Intacct for Construction?  That question almost always leads to a much more in-depth conversation. But that conversation usually centers around the same four areas: accessibility, visibility, usability, and reputation.



Sage 300 CRE is typically, and historically an on-premise solution used to manage the accounting side of a construction business. However, recent events have magnified the need for these businesses to have remote capabilities when it comes to connecting your construction business in real time. While Sage 300 can very effectively be hosted in one of our data centers, Sage Intacct for Construction is a true native cloud solution. This allows for unlimited and “always on” cloud access from anywhere and also solves any version control issues.



Despite Sage 300 CRE being an industry leader in construction cost accounting, companies can sometimes be challenged by the inflexibility of the software with regard to reporting. Custom reports can be difficult and typically require help from IT to create or change, and a lot of companies lean heavily on excel to export data into a workable format. In addition, today’s world moves fast. Sometimes downloading or printing reports just isn’t feasible, particularly for some C-Level executives that are seldom in the software, and merely want to see some high-level data.

Sage Intacct for Construction allows companies to create and view real-time customizable reports and dashboards, all of which are linked to the data, so, you can click through if you need a deeper look. The reports and dashboards are established based on privileges and permissions. So, an employee sees only what they need to see. And the C-Level executive can get the information they need from a high level, on a dashboard in real time, rather than needing to print a report or export to excel.



Impressively, Sage 300 CRE (formerly Timberline) has been the industry leader in construction cost accounting for 40-plus years. It provides contractors, developers and property managers the most complete end to end accounting solution for construction and property management on the market. And while the solution is still very robust and continues to be the market leader, it has been around for decades.

Sage Intacct for Construction offers an updated user experience. Its modernized user interface is easy to customize and even easier to navigate.

And while Sage 300 CRE lacks some integration capabilities, Sage Intacct for Construction’s open API allows for easy integration with many solutions available their marketplace.  The user interface and seamless integrations with field, payroll and budgeting solutions offered by Sage Intacct for Construction create a solution that will improve efficiency, streamline process and enable your finance team.



As previously mentioned, Sage 300 CRE has been the industry leader in cost accounting software for decades and just last year, was named as the “best features” construction management software by The Motley Fool’s reviewing arm The Blueprint. focuses on reviewing and rating the best IT solutions for small- and mid-sized businesses.

Sage Intacct is the preferred provider of the AICPA and maintains a 98% customer satisfaction rating according to the JB Knowledge Construction Technology Report. And G2 ranked Sage Intacct as #1 in customer satisfaction in the industry.

In July of 2017, Sage announced the acquisition of Intacct and affirmed its desire to offer a best-of-class next generation cloud solution to the construction and real estate market.

With Sage and Intacct combined to create Sage Intacct for Construction, they have created a financial management solution that will allow you to streamline your construction processes, create more efficient transaction workflows, and customize dashboards all with built-in flexibility on a modern cloud platform.


Now is the time to migrate to Sage Intacct for Construction.